Fantasia Spotlight #6: Female Hyur (Tanks)

Even though we’re in the midst of All Saints’ Wake, I figured I needed to take a detour this week and work out this month’s Fantasia glamour before it was too late! This month, the vote came up for another glamour featuring a female hyur, and since I did one for a midlander before, I decided that it’d make the most sense to do a highlander this time. Working out the details wasn’t too tricky, since I’ve got a lot of practice Alahra-fying the other races now, though I did consider figuring out what Lynahra might look like as a highlander instead. I’ll probably do that next time, just to keep things fresh.

But anyway, onto the glamour end of things! I really had no idea what I wanted to do this month, since I’ve already hit a large number of the pieces I’ve always liked but couldn’t really use on Alahra’s normal miqo’te frame. I waffled for a while between doing a tank glamour or trying to do something for Ninja (probably involving the original Ninja Chainmail, which has always vexed me because of its muscle plating). I also considered trying something with the Dark Knight Artifact set from Stormblood, which has tail clipping issues, but I discovered after a trip to Anemos to try it on that highlanders actually have the same “wide hips” problem that miqo’te do.

Glamour Components (Required Level: DRK/PLD/WAR 70)
Chromite Greatsword
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Metallic Gold)
Body: Uwagi #55
Hands: Doman Iron Gauntlets of Fending (Jet Black)
Legs: Ala Mhigan Bottoms of Fending (Jet Black)
Feet: Doman Iron Greaves of Fending

Somewhere along the line, I pulled out the Garlean Uwagi from the initial Stormblood Main Scenario quests, a body piece I had originally been massively stoked to acquire since it was first previewed in one of those promotional videos they did leading up to the expansion’s launch (for the life of me, I can’t remember which one, though >.>). It never really looked right on Alahra, though, which is a real shame, since it’s one of few pieces we’ve gotten that’s somewhat in the style of the sort of “soldier’s gi” body pieces from Final Fantasy XI (like the War Shinobi Gi or Kirin’s Osode), which I’ve always been a huge fan of.

The Uwagi looks much better on the tall, muscular frame of a female highlander, though, and I was instantly taken with how cool it looked alongside the Doman Iron Gauntlets. I love uniformed looks for tanks, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to put a new one together with a piece I’d probably never use otherwise. Naturally, with the Domain Iron Gauntlets already decided, I didn’t have to think hard to also stick with the Doman Iron Greaves.

For pants (yes, pants!), I knew I wanted something with black and gold to match the Uwagi. My initial thought was to use the Replica High Allagan Trousers of Fending, though it turned out that none of the gold was visible on them with the tall Greaves. While they still looked fine, I noticed quickly after that the Ala Mhigan Bottoms are pretty much a perfect match, with just a hint of gold trim to go along with the Uwagi. They’re also one of my favorite leg options for tanks, which was a nice bonus!

For the final touch, I knew I wanted some sort of accessory for a headpiece. That’s always pretty tricky for tank glamours, since I’m not really a fan of most of the circlets and other similar pieces we’ve got. For a bit of fun, I thought about using the Star of the Nezha Lady first, as a sort of stand-in for a Garlean third eye, that ultimately didn’t mesh quite right. In the end, I went with my favorite Rimless Glasses, which I think work very well with the Uwagi’s more refined style.

ffxiv_10232018_135820Of course, once I had things finished, I had to see how the look fared on a proper Alahra, too. While this one almost works, the smaller frame really takes away from the look’s overall aesthetic, and I just can’t take it seriously! Alahra’s miqo’te face is a lot less serious, too, which further diminishes the glamour’s power.

But that’s all for this one! I might have one more All Saints’ Wake glamour in me before the season is up, and after that I really need to get around to creating a new, proper look for Ninja. Before long I imagine we’ll be seeing hints of what’s to come in Eureka Pyros, as well, and I am very much on board for (hopefully new) Artifact Armor sets, which should provide for a ton of new glamour potential (assuming they look decent anyway)!

The vials of Fantasia necessary for this Spotlight were purchased with the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons. Your support on Patreon can, among other things (like keeping the site advertisement free), allow for more Fantasia Spotlights, and you’ll be able to vote for the featured race and gender each month!

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