Fantasia Spotlight #7: Male Miqo’te (Monk)

When I first started taking Fantasia requests from Patreon, I was certain one of the first ones I did would be for a male miqo’te. As it’s turned out, it took a full 7 fantasias (and months) to get to that point, but that time is finally here. I’ve been anticipating this one for so long that I’d even developed at least something of a plan for it. While I created (and developed) Alahra’s mother Ahrane some time ago now (complete with a few glamours of her own), I’ve never really given much thought to what her father was like, neither in appearance nor in character. While a Fantasia only really helps with the first of those, I thought it’d be a good excuse to at least get some idea of her father (who doesn’t have a name yet—maybe someday >.>).

Of course, there were also other things I wanted to do, too. I’ve never had a male character in FFXIV, so I’ve missed out on a number of male-specific gear pieces that I actually rather like and would love to glamour with. In particular, I’ve had my eyes on the Expeditioner’s Kecks for a couple of years now, since flared pants are one of the few styles that can make me step away from Alahra’s normal thighboots. There are, of course, numerous others on my list, too, but for this first male Fantasia, I decided to work with the Kecks, which I thought would work well with another piece I had in mind, the Anemos Pacifist’s Vest.

Glamour Components (Required Level: MNK 70)
Weapon: Emperor's New Fists
Head: (none)
Body: Anemos Pacifist's Vest (Pure White)
Hands: Sky Rat Fingerless Gloves of Striking (Pure White)
Legs: Warwolf Kecks of Striking (Jet Black)
Feet: Eastern Journey Shoes (Pure White)

Things proceeded more or less without incident for quite some time once I had the actual appearance created. Though it wasn’t exactly necessary to, I went with Pure White on the Vest so that I wouldn’t have to re-dye it later. Then I picked up and dyed a pair of the Expeditioner’s Kecks to match, leaving only gloves, boots, and potentially something for an accessory in the head slot to go. Gloves were easy too: I was surprised to learn that I’d never used the Sky Rat gloves with the Vest previously, and because their dyeing pattern matches the Vest’s so well, they were an easy pick.

But things got awkward when I tried to find a good pair of shoes. Though they’re fairly long, the Expeditioner’s Kecks play subordinate to most shoes (leaving the flared ankle tucked into them, which looks really awkward), substantially limiting my options. Of my staples, that left only the High House Halfboots, but the heels on those seemed rather out of place with thesort of “wild” nature of the vest (and for Alahra’s father, who was probably a tribal warrior of some sort). Similar concerns plagued other options like the Pteroskin Shoes, which were far too fancy for the look.

I did like the thought of using the Eastern Journey Shoes, but those really didn’t work well with the Expeditioner’s Kecks, and ultimately, the Shoes won out. I brought in the Warwolf Kecks instead, which are a piece I’ve often used for Alahra’s Ninja and Monk glamours, but they have a bit of a twist for male characters that I actually prefer. The thigh gap on the back is gone, which makes them work much better as a normal pair of pants (and also makes awkward straps on the front of the thigh stand out less). With that settled, the Eastern Journey Shoes were perfect.

All that left was the possibility for some sort of circlet or hair dressing, but after trying out a few things, I decided to just leave that slot empty this time. The final result only really works for male characters (mainly because of the model change for the Warwolf Kecks), which is actually kind of disappointing, as I’ve grown rather fond of it. Things almost work on Alahra, but the Kecks just end up looking out of place, which is a real drag! I also sort of prefer the male version of the Pacifist’s Vest, too, with the tattoo—before I did this glamour I never even noticed it!

With that said, I do think I’m going to be going back to the Pacifist’s Vest for Alahra’s Monk glamour, as I’ve realized I miss it quite a lot. While the Nezha Lady’s Togi is still fantastic, now that I’m no longer using it on Ninja, I’ve felt less attached to it lately. That will probably also mean overhauls for a couple other classes, too, since I’d taken to just slapping it on everything during my less active period with the game over the summer this year. We’re also (presumably) getting close to the end of Stormblood, so I’ve got to start thinking about “final” glamours for this expansion that I can comfortably go into the next one with. 5.0 is a long way away at this point, but it’s still important!

The vials of Fantasia necessary for this Spotlight were purchased with the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons. Your support on Patreon can, among other things (like keeping the site advertisement free), allow for more Fantasia Spotlights, and you’ll be able to vote for the featured race and gender each month!

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