Mog Station Review: Eastern Socialite’s Attire

It’s been several months since my last Mog Station Review, but a new pair of sets have been added to FFXIV‘s cash shop this week.  The new Mun’gaek Attire set is designed for male characters and the Eastern Socialite’s Attire for female ones, with the two outfits complementing each other to some degree as has usually been the case whenever we get a pair of gendered sets. This review will cover the Eastern Socialite’s Attire, as usual, which can be purchased for a single character from the Mog Station for $18 USD.

As has become mostly standard for Mog Station sets from the last year or so, the Eastern Socialite’s Attire is a bundle including five left-side pieces: a HatCheongsam (a traditional Chinese dress), Gloves, Skirt, and Boots. Each of the pieces is gender-locked for female characters, and all of them are dyeable. Unlike other similar sets, however, the Eastern Socialite’s Attire does not offer any sort of experience point bonus when the items are worn as a set (though that isn’t likely to impact the set’s value for most, since the primary draw here is glamour, as always).

I’m happy to say that all of the Eastern Socialite’s are very well-modeled, with no major clipping issues to be found across the entire set. There is one minor issue with the Cheongsam where a character’s feet may sometimes clip through the back of the dress while running, but this doesn’t always happen (and can be made less noticeable by dyeing any shoes worn to be the same color as the body piece, also). Of particular note is that the Cheongsam isn’t bogged down so heavily by the “wide stance” issue other dresses of similar styles sometimes have (which is most noticeable on female miqo’te) where the piece hangs too far from the character model’s body below the waist. While that issue is present with the Cheongsam, the leg slit on the one side greatly diminishes how wide the gown seems in a visual sense.

In addition to providing well-modeled elegance, all of the Socialite’s pieces dye more or less perfectly. Each piece sports a single dyeing channel, which takes on the exact shade you choose, without any weird modifications due to metallic or leather elements that sometimes take strangely to certain dye choices. All of the flowers and pearls across the set retain their original colors. As a result, the set nearly always looks striking and elegant in any color you choose, without any secondary dyeing channels muddying the waters or anything of that sort. You can see some examples of each piece in Dalamud Red and Jet Black below.

With all of that said, it’s worth mentioning that the Eastern Socialite’s Attire includes a number of pieces that are at least a bit similar to other items. The Hat sits a bit like the Songbird Hat, the Cheongsam could be compared to the Ao Dai (though that one is double-slitted), the Gloves are fairly standard, and the Boots are like a number of other options, like the High House Halfboots or the Bootlets of Eternal Devotion. If you’re unsure about spending the cash, you might be able to create similar looks with already existing items. However, all of the pieces contain unique details (like the pearls on the Cheongsam and the Gloves), and the Eastern Socialite’s Skirt is the first of its kind, with a slit on one side, making it a high value piece for any glamour fanatic (like yours truly).

All in all, though the Eastern Socialite’s Attire lacks a little value compared to previous sets (since it doesn’t have that experience point bonus for low level characters), I’d say it’s one of the better Mog Station sets for its price. All of the pieces are entirely usable, with none of them having noticeable clipping issues or dyeing problems. While this isn’t the first “Eastern gown” set for FFXIV‘s Mog Station, it’s probably the best of them, since it avoids so many of the pitfalls common to the others. In fact, I’d say it’s probably the best Mog Station Attire set for female characters we’ve seen so far, outside of perhaps the Nezha Lady’s Attire. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with your purchase if you spring for this one!

I purchased the Eastern Socialiate’s Attire for purposes of this review, thanks in part to the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons. Your support on Patreon helps to keep the site advertisement free and also supports future Mog Station Reviews (with an eventual goal being Reviews of male-only sets, too!).

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