Glamour Spotlight: Healers #36

After we got the Nezha Lady’s Attire, I ended up rather obsessed with it for quite some time, leading to multiple glamours built around it. So far, it looks like I might end up repeating that with the new Eastern Socialite’s stuff, as the moment I finished my first glamour using it, I started thinking on another, and as I write this, I’ve got another possibility brewing in my mind. Of course, part of why I had to put together the second one was because my last was job-specific, and I’ll most likely play Scholar more than White Mage (if the experience of taking White Mage to 70 taught me anything, it’s that I am still pretty bad at the job >.>).

Naturally, the initial kernel of an idea began with the thought to create a Scholar-specific glamour, too, and with that in mind, I decided it was time to bring my Omnilex Nexus out of retirement. I don’t use it so often these days, since the glow makes getting solid pictures a royal pain (and that’s part of why the header screenshot is in black and white this time!). It’s still my absolute favorite Scholar book, though, and I wanted to give it another whirl since it had been so long.

Glamour Components (Required Level: All Classes 1)
Weapon: (Replica of theOmnilex Nexus
Head: Shaded Spectacles (Metallic Silver)
Body: Eastern Socialite's Cheongsam (Midnight Blue)
Hands: Eastern Socialite's Gloves (Midnight Blue)
Legs: Werewolf Bottoms (Midnight Blue)
Feet: Far Eastern Beauty's Boots (Midnight Blue)

Obviously, the core of the look is largely shared with my White Mage glamour, but I needed to swap in new pieces for the head and legs slots, since those were the job-specific bits from before. With the Omnilex Nexus serving as my center of inspiration, I brought back an old favorite for glasses in the Shaded Spectacles. They were a staple back in A Realm Reborn from the Nexus point onward, since I had a habit of idling in the Arcanist’s “reading” pose. I’ve not used them much since swapping over to Minfillia’s hair from Alahra’s original “Face 6A” style due to what I see as a clash of style, but given that I was going all in on the Nexus, I decided to bring back the Spectacles too.

Naturally, the next step was to figure out which Scholar skirt I wanted to use. I ran into a bit of a snag there, though, as the thick socks on the Augmented Scholar’s Culottes paired rather poorly with the Cheongsam, and I wasn’t really happy with the slimmer stockings on the Savant’s Culottes or the Anemos Orator’s Bottoms, either (mainly because they looked weird with the boots). That issue led me instead to the Werewolf Bottoms. I’d considered them for the White Mage glamour, but the black stitching on them stuck out like a sore thumb against the Pure White. It blends much more nicely in Midnight Blue, though, and I think it makes for the perfect skirt alongside the Cheongsam.

After that was taken care of, I did explore a bit for other options in the boots department. With the dress in a darker color, I thought to try out a pair of black ones instead, with the Halonic Priest’s Thighboots being the main pair I wanted to use. I wasn’t happy with the color clash, though, and ultimately decided to stick with the Far Eastern Beauty’s Boots. I haven’t given up on the Halonic boots, though, as I think I might be able to put together something for casters using the Halonic Exorcist’s Thighboots instead. That will probably be my next glamour (featuring the Cheongsam again, naturally), and after that I think I’ll get back to pondering options for my end of expansion glamours.

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