Glamour Spotlight: Casters #39

Patron of the site David Haig (@DavidHaig1) requested a magical girl glamour for casters this month. If you’d like to make requests of your own, you can support Fashion Ninjutsu on Patreon.

When it comes to magical girls in FFXIV, I’ve most commonly seen people shoot for a Sailor Moon kind of look, using things like the Sailor Shirt and the Augmented Scholar’s Culottes, usually resulting (naturally) in Scholar-only looks. The one time I’ve tried to do a magical girl glamour previously, I went a different direction and put one together for Red Mage while I was leveling it. For David’s request, I wanted to look for a different direction—something less adorable like the Songbird Jacket but still decidedly fantastical.

I’ve also recently just finished up a complete playthrough of the Kingdom Hearts series, taking a particular liking to Aqua around the same time I got the request. While she’s not really a magical girl in the normal sense, she is a spellcaster, and her outfit, with its long skirt, served as something of a starting point as I began to wonder how to put together a casting girl glamour. That lead me quite readily to the Hailstorm Coat, which is a piece I’ve always liked but generally had trouble finding a specific use for.

Glamour Components (Required Level: BLM/BLU/RDM/SMN 60)
Weapon: Rod of the Black Khan (Metallic Red)
Head: Red Brightlily Corsage
Body: Augmented Hailstorm Coat of Casting (Metallic Red)
Hands: Augmented Hailstorm Gloves of Casting (Metallic Red)
Legs: Songbird Skirt (Metallic Red)
Feet: High Summoner's Boots (Metallic Red)

My main issue with the Hailstorm Coat has always been how it dyes, which often makes it hard to pair with a ton of leg options, unless you stick to a full unified color scheme (much like the set has with its default colors). That didn’t feel like it would be such an issue here, though, since I was likely going to pick a single color and run with it, opening the door to using the Coat. Pairing the Hailstorm Gloves with it was a natural choice, though I considered using the Demonic Gloves, too.

I wanted something a bit frilly when it came to tights, and no doubt the best such option is the Songbird Skirt (which also played a part in the other magical girl glamour I did some time ago). I’ve always liked the way the High Summoner’s Boots pair with the Skirt, as well, so that was an easy choice (though I probably could have gotten away with the Far Eastern Beauty’s Boots or just the Songbird Boots, too, if I wanted).

So, the core of the look came together very easily, leaving me, as always, with the final touch in a headpiece. My first thought was to use the Eastern Socialite’s Hat, which I’ve become pretty fond of already. After waffling around on the color for the glamour and ultimately deciding on Metallic Red (since it looked best with Alahra’s skintone), I soured on that idea a bit, though. The Hat looses some of its flair in Metallic Red, since the flowers blend too heavily into that color, which makes it quite a bit less appealing. I really liked the flowers, though, which directed me toward the corsages, and I liked the prominence of the Brightlily one most.

And that covers everything for this one! I don’t think it really has to be in Metallic Red, for what it’s worth. I tried all of the Metallic colors and some of the others, too, and each of them worked well—I just thought this particular color worked best for Alahra, like I mentioned.

Also, just a note: since we’re coming up on the holidays for me, I might miss a post next week—it’ll depend on how busy things are! I want to get the Fantasia spotlight for this month up if I can, though, before the new year!

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