Patrons Only Spotlight #18: Scholar

Here’s your monthly Patreon spotlight! This’ll be my last post until late next week, as I’m going to be taking a few days off from the blog. As usual, you can check out the post on the site itself here, using the password “moiranna”.

With the recent addition of the Eastern Socialite’s Attire and one of this month’s requests, I’ve been thinking a lot more than usual about glamours for every day life. Alahra’s retired from the Maelstrom and spends a lot more time at home now, and it makes sense that she still spends a ton of time fussing with her clothes even if she’s not going anywhere. I also left several ideas on the table for the Casual Fridays request, and in particular I kept pondering how Alahra might wear the Whisperfine Woolen Coat.

It’s Starlight season in game, of course, which means snow falling in the residential districts, which is where I spend most of my idle time in game. It only makes sense that Alahra would have picked up a new winter coat, so I did the same, snagging up the Whisperfine Coat while the price was at least somewhat low. I picked up the Boots, too, of course, since I wanted to go all in on the winter theme, and even if I ended up moving away from the Coat I thought I might try using them with the Adventuring Sweater, too.

Glamour Components (Required Level: SCH 60)
Weapon: Leather Grimoire
Head: Flat Cap (Pure White)
Body: Whisperfine Woolen Coat (Pure White)
Hands: Augmented Shire Preceptor's Gloves (Pure White)
Legs: Augmented Scholar's Culottes (Pure White)
Feet: Whisperfine Woolen Boots

Naturally, I had to get my Scholar’s Culottes out first thing, since I was planning on using the Whisperfine Boots, too—what better to pair with them than wool socks? The socks on Whisperfine Shorts are way too loud for my (and Alahra’s) taste, so the Scholar socks were the obvious choice here. I considered using one of the other Scholar Artifact skirts, but ultimately I thought the socks looked much better than the stockings on the others.

For gloves, I wanted something fitting for the wintertime, naturally. I had a lot of options, when it came down to it, since the game has no shortage of plain ones that look a bit like modern Isotoner gloves or something. I’ve always liked the Shire Preceptor’s Gloves because they leave rings visible, though, which made me partial to them over the wealth of other choices. They also dye rather well, and at the point I settled on them I had yet to decide on colors for the glamour, so that was an important thing to keep in mind.

Even though I was working with a Scholar glamour, I decided not to default to glasses this time. Since the whole idea was for Alahra to wear the look outside while I idle, it made sense to me that she’d be wearing a hat instead. At least for now, FFXIV doesn’t have any good sock caps (which would honestly be perfect for this look), so I had to improvise! Luckily, the Flat Cap is just about a perfect fit. The leather patches on it don’t quite match the leather on the Whisperfine pieces, but they’re close enough that you can’t notice the difference in most lighting, which is good enough for me!

After that, I had to figure out a color. I was still using my Omnilex from my last Scholar look, so I was pretty heavily tempted to go with a dark blue again to keep it. The snag there turned out to be the Whisperfine Boots, though. They keep their white fur whether dyed or not, which stood out in a way that I didn’t like with the other pieces dyed blue. That same trouble persisted for other colors, naturally—except for Pure White, which let me keep the Boots in their natural leather color with the fur matching the color of the Coat and socks. White’s also the best color for the Scholar’s Culottes, since other colors turn the socks a lighter shade than the dye.

And that does it for this one! Thanks for all of your continued support, and I’ll be back again next week!

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