Glamour Spotlight: Scouting DPS #32

I took my sweet time finishing up with Eureka Hydatos. After going hard at finishing Eureka Pagos back when, I took a much more laid back approach to Eureka Pyros, and chose to do the same for the final chapter. This worked out rather well, as it turns out, as it gave my S.O. the time she needed for her newfound drive to catch her up to me in Hydatos. We finished our Eureka weapons on the same day, in fact. I did not, however, wait that long to pick up Kirin’s Osode of Scouting, scooping up the necessary Cryptic Seals from the Market Board as soon as I could reasonably afford them.

I put together a glamour for it immediately, since I was going to be using it while in Hydatos, but I never intended for it to last me once that was done. I resolved to come back and finalize the glamour once I had finished my weapon. As often happens with these sorts of things, though, I ended up getting attached to the look while playing it over the last week to ten days, so that I didn’t want to change anything by the time I had my Kasasagi Eureka in my hands.

Glamour Components (Required Level: NIN 70)
Weapon: Kasasagi Eureka
Head: Reading Glasses
Body: Kirin's Osode of Scouting
Hands: Woad Skychaser's Armguards
Legs: Guardian Corps Skirt
Feet: Expeditioner's Thighboots

Everything about this screams “first attempt” to long time readers, I’m sure. It’s all there: the glasses, the thighboots, the skirt, and whatever new body piece has struck my fancy. Putting it together was fairly easy: I knew as soon as I saw the Osode’s FFXIV model that it was going to require mostly neutral pieces, since unlike its FFXI counterpart, this Osode doesn’t have a set of matching items to go along with it. Naturally, I wouldn’t have used the entire set even if such a thing existed in FFXIV, but it is always helpful to have matching options to fall back on when nothing else works.

First and foremost, I latched on to the pouch on the Osode’s front: a nice, neutral brown, which easily lead me to the Guardian Corps Skirt and Expeditioner’s Thighboots that have been such staples for so long. The glasses, too, were easy (and more or less assumed, since I intended for the Osode to serve as Alahra’s canon body piece going into 5.0, and her canon glamours always need glasses). So, like usual, the core of the look came together really easily for my first attempt with a new body piece.

But I got massively stuck on gloves. Drawn from a game that had much slimmer fashion, Kirin’s Osode doesn’t have the bulky sleeves so much body gear does in FFXIV, and its prominent shoulder plating is somewhat rare in the game, too. As a result, very few of my staples worked, since longer gloves end up hiding the shoulder plating, which happens to be one my favorite parts of the piece. Smaller gloves were shockingly difficult to find, though. The Osode’s green is difficult to match with our existing dye choices, and the rest of its colors (a sort of coral pink, black, and silver) don’t show up naturally on anything else.

The Woad Skychaser’s Armguards started out as the most provisional choice. I thought everything else might reasonably survive the refinement process, but those gloves were definitely going to have to go. With their protruding spikes, they clash with the straight lines of the Osode’s shoulder plating. Surely, I thought, Ninja would have access to a good pair of bracers or similar gloves that I could dye to match the Expeditioner’s Thighboots—it was just a matter of finding them!

I was wrong, of course. While there are plenty of gloves that work in terms of profile (like the Griffin Leather Bracers), all of them take on a glossy finish when dyed, which doesn’t work with anything else in the glamour. Gloves that fit in with the Expeditioner’s Thighboots (like the obvious Expeditioner’s Gloves) don’t have the right size or shape. Other Disciples of War, all of which have their own versions of the Osode, likely have better glove options, but in this case, I was stuck with Ninja’s lack of choices. After several days fussing over the Market Board and checking old raid gear vendors in Idyllshire in between visits to Eureka, I had gotten so used to the Woad Armguards that I gave up on finding something better. And that’s the glamour!

I’ll probably be on the lookout for better glove options for the rest of the expansion, though. I’m not expecting any new gear (outside of perhaps a Mog Station set or two) before Shadowbringers, but there’s always the possibility that I’ve simply missed something that’s perfect. I’ll need to look through dungeon drops at some point or another and see if there’s something I’ve forgotten about or simply never collected. Any answer that exists will likely come from one of those!

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