Glamour Spotlight: Healers #37

Toward the end of the push to finish my Kasasagi Eureka, I ended up on White Mage of all things. My S.O. and I were trying to see how well we could duo higher end enemies, since the instance we were in wasn’t doing much to actively pop NMs on the right side of Hydatos. I thought it’d be wise to run a more dedicated healer as an insurance policy, and after getting tired of Eos dying all the time while I was on Scholar, I decided to swap over to White Mage instead.

That posed a problem, though! My healer glamours were relying on glamour plates at the time (which don’t function in Eureka), so when I swapped over to White Mage, things were a mess! I couldn’t stand to play without looking put together, so I quickly started flipping through my Armory Chest to find something I could wear to look a little more presentable. I wasn’t carrying much, but I had a couple extra Pagos Shirts with me after I had opened up some old lockboxes I’d forgotten about. I quickly glamoured one of them with some other items I don’t remember now, and went about throwing Stone IV at things with Wisdom of the Aetherweaver.

That turned out to be so much fun that I decided to start playing White Mage regularly in Eureka, and that meant I needed to work out a new glamour without relying on glamour plates for my healers.

Glamour Components (Required Level: AST/SCH/WHM 60)
Weapon: Aymur Anemos
Head: Purple Brightlily Corsage
Body: Pagos Shirt (Lavender Purple)
Hands: Pagos Field Dressing (Lavender Purple)
Legs: Guardian Corps Skirt (Gloom Purple)
Feet: Griffin Leather Boots of Healing (Lavender Purple)

During those initial adventures on White Mage, I got pretty attached to both the Pagos Shirt and the butterflies on White Mage’s Aymur (which was the only weapon I had, since I hadn’t actually gotten around to finding a new one after I got White Mage to 70). For a change of pace, since I so often work with reds and blacks, I thought it’d be fun to do something in purple to match Aymur. For a little added flair, I got into my pile of Anemos Crystals to get the upgraded (and glowy!) version of the weapon, and then I got to work.

Since I was committed to the Pagos Shirt, I knew I was going to want something a bit “sporty” for the overall look, and although I’ve been leaning heavily on the Guardian Corps Skirt lately, it proved to be the best fit. Still committed to doing things differently than usual, though, I decided to skip the thighboots for once. I’ve never found a look I liked with the Skirt that leaves Lightning’s leg pouch visible, but I thought I’d put some real effort into finding one this time.

Healer has some of the best options for regular-sized boots, including my favorite pair of them all in the Griffin Leather Boots. Those seemed like they might be a solid fit, given that they dye like the Pagos Shirt does, and their leather bits also work well with the Guardian Corps Skirt, too. Once I had those slotted in, I debated for a little while on the exact dyes to use for everything. Lavender was the best fit for Aymur, but I felt like there needed to be a little contrast, which lead to the Gloom Purple on the Skirt, which was a decent match for the darker straps on the Pagos Shirt.

For finishing touches, I went with the Pagos Field Dressing (mostly because it works the best out of all things with the Pagos Shirt, naturally), and in lieu of glasses, a corsage (both to be different and to add a bit of softness to the look). Since finishing the look, I’ve fallen in love with it, and I have a feeling it’ll stick around for a good long while now. I need to sit down and decide on weapons for Astrologian and Scholar to use with it, though! Levin weapons from Ramuh might be a good choice, now that I think about it…

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