Glamour Spotlight: Ranged DPS #24

I couldn’t have planned a sudden, renewed interest in playing Bard any better than for it to have come up right before the recent Tokyo FanFest, where Dancer was announced, surprisingly, as FFXIV‘s next Ranged DPS class. As is so often the case with these sorts of things, it all started because of a need for glamour. Though it’s old news to most folks by now, I had largely forgotten about all of the gear from Ghimlyt Dark. I’ve been doing my capping in Eureka for a long time, greatly limiting the number of Expert Roulettes I run, and I haven’t rolled the dungeon on any of the few I’ve run since 4.5’s launch, either. So, the gear from it, which is dyeable (always a good sign for dungeon gear!), had mostly just slipped my mind.

A little while ago, though, while working out some Tomestone expenditures to gear Monk, I saw someone run by in the Alliance Jacket of Aiming. While I’d seen a few shots of it on Twitter, I hadn’t actually seen it in game yet, so this proved my first opportunity to see how dyes looked on it in the actual client. All it took was seeing that the Jacket works very well in Pure White to know that I needed it immediately. I queued for Ghimlyt Dark later that day after getting some gear for Bard (which had been languishing back at 4.2 gear levels). Despite (or perhaps because of? >.>) playing horribly, the Jacket dropped in a single run, and then it was glamour time.

Glamour Components (Required Level: BRD/DNC/MCH 70)
Weapon: Yoichi Bow (Replica) (Pure White)
Head: Elemental Hat of Aiming (Jet Black)
Body: Alliance Jacket of Aiming (Pure White)
Hands: Augmented Shire Conservator's Gloves (Jet Black)
Legs: (Common) Makai Markswoman's Quartertights
Feet: Bogatyr's Thighboots of Aiming

I probably don’t need to go into much detail on the Quartertights or the Thighboots here, as they’re old staples at this point. It has been some time since I’ve gotten the Bogatyr’s Thighboots out of storage, though, and they’re still my favorite pair in a lot of ways. In particular here, their sleekness works well with the Jacket’s slim profile. I did debate using the Foestriker’s Skirt or one of its many variants, but I wasn’t happy with their length relative to the coat, so I settled on the Quartertights instead.

Outside of being tailor made for Alahra’s aesthetic, the Alliance Jacket of Aiming is special in another way: it doesn’t have ridiculous sleeves! In fact, I actively like the sleeves, most especially because of the leather forearm bracers. Recognizing a rare opportunity to use some less common gloves, I started looking at simple hand gloves, with an eye toward a pair that meshed really well with the Jacket’s bracers. There are a huge number of choices that would have worked, but I went with the Shire gloves because they still display rings, which is one of my favorite things to see on a pair of gloves.

Since part of my Bard gearing involved picking up the full set of Elemental gear from Eureka Pyros, I also had a new hat to play with. Though I considered using the Choral Chapeau, my old reliable, it didn’t quite have the right texture to work with the rest of the chosen pieces. I’ve also used it far too much over the years, and I honestly much prefer the shape of the Elemental Hat over the Chapeau’s conical top. This also means I’ll be able to use the glamour for Machinist once I get that to 70 (which will happen before the end of the expansion, I swear!). I can’t see this look flying for Dancer, but I’ve got several months before I’ll need a level 70 glamour for that, so I’m not too worried about it for now.

That does remind me that I’ll need to start thinking about pre-expansion glamour prep for both Dancer and Gunbreaker, soon, though!

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