Glamour Spotlight: Maiming DPS #6

In something of a break from my normal trend, I’ve been saving a lot of my job quests while leveling in Stormblood until near the end of the process. So, while my Dragoon is nearly 70 as of writing (and probably will be by the time this is up on the site), I hadn’t actually done even the introductory level 60 job quest until just recently. Of course, I had to make sure to get them done before actually hitting 70, so that the experience rewards didn’t go to waste, but before I could do that, I also had to fix my glamour!

When I hit level 65 and swapped in all of my Nomad’s gear from Bardam’s Mettle, my last glamour fell by the wayside because I had put several pieces of it in storage, with some of them on retainers and some of them locked away in the Glamour Dresser. I didn’t want to keep people waiting while we ran dungeons, so I applied a glamour plate that worked well enough, and we got to work. Once it came time to do the story quests, though, I wanted to be sure that I looked the part, and I also wanted something different from last time, since as much as I like Dragoon’s original Artifact armor, it never feels truly right for Alahra.

Glamour Components (Required Level: DRG 62)
Weapon: (Replica) Allagan Spear
Head: Reading Glasses (Metallic Silver)
Body: High Steel Mail of Maiming
Hands: (Augmented) Ironworks Armguards of Maiming
Legs: Lady's Knickers (Black) / Scion Healer's Halftights
Feet: Augmented Ironworks Sollerets of Maiming (Jet Black)

Dragoon glamours have always proven tough for me, of course, which is why there are only around 10 on the site after running it for over three years now. More than anything, that’s Alahra’s fault, since most of the game’s armor doesn’t work well on her, but I thought with Stormblood now largely behind us that I should probably take stock of the available options from the expansion and try to create something new. As ever, I wanted to work with the Ironworks aesthetic I’m fond of for Dragoon, since there are few boots in the game I like more than the Ironworks Sollerets.

As it turns out, Stormblood added a Heavensward recolor that’s absolutely perfect for that sort of thing, the High Steel Mail of Maiming. I’ve been fond of the model ever since the original from Fractal Continuum, but the colors on the Valerian Dragoon’s Mail kept me from ever using it. This newer model is thankfully dyeable, but its default palette is simply an excellent fit for Dragoon and works well alongside the Magitek glow on Dragoon’s Ironworks pieces that I love so much.

With the body piece and boots quite easily settled, all I had to do was round things out. This proved the perfect opportunity to also use the Ironworks Armguards, which I’ve been trying to use for a long time without success. They provide some more of that Ironworks flair here while blending in near seamlessly with the High Steel Mail. Glasses were a given, of course, and I doubt anyone will be surprised by the use of the Lady’s Knickers here. I started out with the Werewolf Bottoms, though, before deciding that they were just a little too long for the look. For a final touch, I deviated from my normal Ironworks Magitek Spear to the Allagan Spear, the glowing circuitry of which actually fits the Magitek gear quite well.

The final result worked perfectly for all of the story cutscenes, and I can’t see having any need to change this one between now and the launch of Shadowbringers. Of course, I tend to get to Dragoon late in the expansion cycle, so this one was probably going to last some time anyway, but I consider this one strong enough that it would have probably lasted a month or more even for my main job (and I’m a little sad I’ve not found something so strong for Ninja in a long time!).

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