Mog Station Review: Minfilia’s Modish Attire

Things have been somewhat quiet on the Mog Station glamour front for some time, with the last new outfits being added all the way back in November. While there has been some expectation that we would see Lyse’s Ala Mhigan gown added to the Mog Station before Stormblood‘s end, there’s been no word on that addition, and no hints of its arrival uncovered through datamining, either. Instead, Minfillia’s Modish Attire—which she wore during her last appearance in the Main Scenario of Heavensward—became available for purchase this week. This review will cover that set, which can be purchased for a single character from the Mog Station for $12 USD.

Purchasing Minfilia’s Modish Attire will net you two items: a Gown and a Skirt of Light. Each piece is gender-locked to female characters only, and they are both non-dyeable, as has been the case with other NPC outfits available from the Mog Station. Like other such sets, Minfillia’s Modish Attire is intended for glamour only, offering no set bonuses or other benefits when worn.

Given the minimal design of the set, it is surprising to find some minor clipping issues with it. The gown is slightly wide and very gently clips with a miqo’te female’s left hand in a neutral stance, but the extent of clipping will vary with race and it can be avoided entirely through use of the /changepose emote. The gown’s profile will also clip with a character’s tail during movement, though only slightly. I found no instances in which a hairstyle caused clipping issues, as might be expected given the gown’s lack of a prominent collar and open back.

Outside of the minor clipping issues mentioned above, both pieces of the set are well-modeled, with their fabric hanging in a reasonable way even on the wide stance of a female miqo’te. Unfortunately, the set’s color, though a plain white, doesn’t line up well with either of the White dyes currently available in the game. Since the set is non-dyeable, this does limit its applicability for glamours in a pretty significant way (though this is a common point of complaint for the Mog Station NPC outfits, which are clearly intended to be worn as a set).

Overall, both the Gown and Skirt are both fairly minimal, but offer new options in their respective styles, each of which are somewhat rare among the full catalog of gear available in FFXIV. Most similar gowns in the game are much longer than the Gown of Light, giving it some unique glamour utility. The Skirt of Light is less unique in the field of knee-length skirts and could likely be substituted for with other similar options. However, there are currently precious few knee-length skirts available, so this one could still serve as a useful addition to any glamour collection.

The set’s greatest drawback comes from its price, however. At $12, the set only offers two pieces, which is not much of a bargain compared to other NPC sets at that price point. Both Edda’s Blackbosom Attire and Lyse’s Scion Liberator’s Attire come in at the same price point but offer four pieces of gear, making Minfilia’s Modish Attire essentially twice as expensive per item. That makes the price a tough pill to swallow, as does the fact that neither piece is dyeable.

Given the relatively expensive price point and the lack of dyeability, I don’t recommend purchase of Minfilia’s Modish Attire unless you specifically want the Gown of Light, since its model is fairly unique. The Skirt does less to sell the set on its own, since other similar skirts (like the one from the Far Eastern Beauty’s Attire) are dyeable and thus offer far more flexibility when it comes to glamour usage. As a result, Minfilia’s Modish Attire ends up on the lower end of the value scale, even if both pieces are otherwise well-modeled.

I purchased Minfilia’s Modish Attire for purposes of this review with the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons. Special thanks goes out to current $5 Patrons David HaigFrancisco GaliciaNomolun, and Zayla Rose. If you’ve found this review helpful and would like to offer support of your own for future Mog Station Reviews, you can do so through Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patreon.

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