Glamour Spotlight: Scouting DPS #34

I’ve been fussing with my last Ninja glamour for a couple weeks now, trying to find that perfect mix of pieces that would let me take it into Shadowbringers without any complaints. As silly as it is, Alahra felt weird in cutscenes without her traditional skirt, something that didn’t work so well with the Scion Traveler’s Jacket in Metallic Silver because of the metallic sheen that dye gives the fabric. Not long after that glamour post, I switched over to Jet Black so that I could more comfortably use the Werewolf Bottoms.

That was hardly enough to warrant a new “official” glamour, though, and I knew I would be making some more changes as time went on. I had two areas of improvement in mind, wanting to find a more fitting skirt (or shorts) and also a better pair of boots. While I didn’t mind the Werewolf Bottoms, they still didn’t make for the best match alongside the Traveler’s Jacket, and the Traveler’s Boots started to feel too heavy for Alahra after using them for a time.

Glamour Components (Required Level: NIN 60)
Weapon: (Replica) Yoshimitsu Nexus
Head: Scintillant Circlet of Scouting (Rolanberry Red)
Body: Scion Travler’s Jacket (Jet Black)
Hands: Scion Traveler’s Gloves (Jet Black)
Legs: Valentione Skirt (Jet Black)
Feet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

I figured out the Scion Healer’s Highboots, first, defaulting to them after growing tired of the others. While they aren’t especially exciting (given how many times I’ve used them), they’re much more Alahra’s style. Their red soles don’t precisely match the red lining on the Scion Traveler’s Gloves or the jacket’s cape, but at a glance they blend in well enough. Simple as they are, they’ve been a staple for the past couple years for good reason, and I can’t imagine that will change in Shadowbringers.

Switching over to the Highboots opened up some new possibilities for a skirt or something else, too. With the leather of the original boots gone and the Highboots being somewhat mismatched with the jacket, I felt I had more room to experiment with other fabrics. The best choice proved to be the old Valentione’s Skirt, which actually isn’t even vastly different from the jacket in terms of texture at a distance.

With those two settled, I decided to leave the glamour there. Barring any surprise Mog Station additions, I think this one will be what I take into Shadowbringers as Alahra’s “canon” glamour. I’m not completely happy with it, given how dark it is, but it does fit what we know about the overall story so far. If Stormblood had provided better options for Ninja glamours, this might not be where I ended up, but it’s the best I could work out given what we have!

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