Gear Set Gallery: Lakeland Garb of Aiming

The Plague Bringer’s Coat from Heavensward has remained a popular choice for glamour, which makes it surprising that it took so very long for the model to find a place for a recolor in FFXIV. In Shadowbringers, most of the set’s models show up again as part of the new Lakeland Garb of Aiming for ranged DPS classes, finally opening up the set to a new role (where it was previously available only to casters and healers), though the iconic Plague Bringer’s Mask has been replaced by a more appropriate swap of the Hat of the Lost Thief from the same dungeons as the original Coat. You’ll find the gear—equippable by ranged DPS of level 71 or higher— in the first Shadowbringers dungeon, Holminster Switch.

Set Pieces (Requirements: BRD/DNC/MCH 71)
Weapons: Lakeland Composite Bow, Lakeland Culverin, Lakeland Glaives (pictured)
Head: Lakeland Hat of Aiming
Body: Lakeland Coat of Aiming
Hands: Lakeland Gloves of Aiming
Legs: Lakeland Trousers of Aiming
Feet; Lakeland Shoes of Aiming

Like most of the sets from Holminster Switch, the Lakeland Garb of Aiming consists of more muted tones—primarily a drab brown with black and red for accents—a far cry from the more striking, primarily black Plague Doctor’s set and all the more disappointing due to the set being non-dyeable.

If you can look past the muted color scheme, however, you’ll find a set with no major clipping issues, outside of a slim possibility for hairstyle clipping with the Lakeland Hat (I only found one hairstyle out of all the miqo’te choices that ever so slightly clipped with the mask). The Coat is also one of the few pieces in FFXIV that has special modeling for tailed characters, featuring a tail covering that ends up obscuring the standard base clipping (since tails normally pierce through most body pieces).

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