Glamour Spotlight: Healers #38

Since finishing the level 80 grind on Ninja, my leveling projects have been kind of sporadic. I’ve started Dancer and Scholar both, while also putting a bit of time into Paladin and Samurai on the side. Of the four, I’ve surprisingly been enjoy Scholar the most, despite the wide variety of changes the job saw with the launch of Shadowbringers. While I definitely miss some of its old kit (Bane, in particular, for AoE DoT effects), I’m finding the challenge of healing large pulls in dungeons refreshing and fun in a way I’ve not found it since A Realm Reborn, when I was a Scholar main.

It also helps, of course, that I stumbled upon a new glamour while healing along my merry way. I’ve struggled with healer glamours for quite a long time—while I’ve put together a number of them that I enjoyed over the course of Stormblood, very few of them inspired me to keep healing over extended periods of time. For the first time in a long time, I’ve found one that I like so much that I’ve got the itch to heal just so that I can make use of my new glamour.

Glamour Components (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 73, Female)
Weapon: Anabasis Lux / Anabasis Lux Replica (Mole Brown)
Head: Reading Glasses
Body: Voeburtite Tunic of Healing
Hands: Voeburtite Gloves of Healing
Legs: Ruby Cotton Smalls (Kobold Brown)
Feet: Ishgardian Thighboots (Loam Brown)

So far, the dungeon that’s gotten my attention the most in Shadowbringers when it comes to glamour has been Dohn Mheg (though I’ve had trouble acquiring weapons from it, so I’ve not gotten around to any gear set galleries, yet!), and I was looking forward to hitting 73 on Scholar to see what I could do with some of the gear from there. Once I secured the Voeburtite Tunic of Healing, I knew it was time for a new glamour.

The Tunic is reminiscent of the Chivalric Doublet of Healing, one of my favorite healer bodies from Heavensward, and I thought back to past glamours from that era when deciding what I wanted to do. The general shape of the look should really come as no surprise by now, but we’ve gotten some new toys to play with since those Heavensward days that make for a much better look, in my opinion.

Firstly, the Ishgardian Thighboots (added, strangely enough, not during Heavensward but with the initial Shadowbringers patch) are my new thighboot obsession, able to rival the Scion Healer’s Highboots with their heels and ability to be dyed. Finding a shade of brown to match the Tunic was a little tricky (and I had to use different shades throughout the glamour, as noted), but Loam Brown came closest to blending in. Secondly, though they’re scarcely visible, I brought in the dyeable Ruby Cotton Smalls—solely for the ribbon of cloth you can see on the left thigh. It took going a darker shade of brown to make the ribbon match the tunic’s belt.

Much like the tank glamour I built around the Dohn Mheg gear, I anticipate that this one will last me all the way to 80, and probably beyond (though I’ve not taken a good look at the Ronkan healing set, so that could change!). I love this one enough that it’s quite likely to make Scholar my next 80, but that depends on how my days shake out, since I’m also working on some writing about Shadowbringers that I really want to get done before I take a little time off next week!

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