Gear Set Gallery: Lakeland Garb of Healing

Incorporating a few different models from the Heavensward era, the new Lakeland Garb of Healing from Shadowbringers is available to healers level 71 or higher, dropping as it does from the first dungeon of the new expansion, Holminster Switch. Unlike most of the Lakeland sets (and re-colored sets in general), this set of Lakeland garb pulls from different sets to create something of a new look, even if the overall style remains the same.

Set Pieces (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 71)
Weapons: Lakeland Astrometer, Lakeland Cane, Lakeland Codex (pictured) Head: Lakeland Hat of Healing
Body: Lakeland Robe of Healing
Hands: Lakeland Gloves of Healing
Legs: Lakeland Breeches of Healing
Feet: Lakeland Thighboots of Healing

In terms of models, only the robe and gloves are new to healers (originating from Dusk Vigil’s Ishgardian Historian’s set for casters), so this set isn’t a full on role-swap, unfortunately. The hat originates from the Halonic Priest’s set from the Vault, and the breeches and thighboots are originally from the Ishgardian Chaplain’s set, the healing companion set to the Historian’s garb from Dusk Vigil.

As is the case with all of the Lakeland sets, the Healing Garb is non-dyeable, limiting its glamour applications significantly. While its muted brown and black color scheme works well for a priest of the dark on the First, it’s unlikely to make any waves outside of that context. Despite that flaw, the set is well-modeled, having no significant clipping issues for hair or tails, though as with most robes there is some possibility of hand clipping depending on race and idle pose. Outside of that small issue, however, you should find no trouble with the Lakeland healing garb.

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  1. It’s always great to see you make a post. I am too broke to really financially support you but keep in mind I’m always in the background~


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