Mog Station Review: Far Eastern Maiden’s Attire

Just as I was gearing up to go on my yearly vacation, Square Enix added a pair of new outfits to the Mog Station. As is often the case, the two new sets (one for males and one for females) originate from other versions of the game, so they’ve been lurking around in the game’s files for quite some time now. While it’s a bit surprising that we’re seeing them post-Stormblood, they’re here now, even if they don’t much suit any of the remaining cultures of the First in Shadowbringers. This review will cover the female outfit, the Far Eastern Maiden’s Attire.

Purchasing the set—for a single character—will run you $18 USD, the standard price point for most Far Eastern sets like this one. As mentioned, the Maiden’s Attire is gender-locked to female characters. The set includes a full suite of left-side pieces: the Far Eastern Maiden’s Hat, Far Eastern Maiden’s Tunic, Far Eastern Maiden’s Armband, Far Eastern Maiden’s Bottoms, and Far Eastern Maiden’s Boots. The set has no set bonuses, unlike some other Far Eastern options from the Mog Station.

None of the pieces have significant clipping issues outside of familiar small ones. Hands can sometimes clip through the skirt of the Tunic, which is also wide enough to cause some minor weirdness for tails. There are also minor hairstyle clipping issues: longer, full-bodied hairstyles clip partially through the back of the Hat, but the clipping is only visible from certain angles (and does not extend all the way through the model).

All of the Far Eastern Maiden’s pieces are also dyeable, with fairly straightforward dyeing patterns mostly focused on a single color channel. The body piece and boots do use a darker shade of the chosen color for some elements which can look a bit strange on some colors, and the armband’s metal clasp strangely dyes, but otherwise, the set dyes well. Below, you’ll find some examples of the set dyed Nophica Green.

For your money, the Far Eastern Maiden’s Attire is a rather high value set: you get the full set of five dyeable pieces for glamour, which is generally enough for the set to earn a recommendation. In the case of this set, you’re also getting a number of unique pieces. In particular, the Bottoms stand out for their tights, with the only similar pair previously job-locked to Alchemist. Although it’s minor, the Armband functions as a bracelet on only one hand, perfect for a little accessorizing. The Tunic is a well-modeled new option for eastern-themed glamours, notable for being a shorter option next to so many others that are gowns or dresses, and the Boots offer a nice pair of short ones with significant heels.

With all of that in mind, I’d say that the Far Eastern Maiden’s Attire is one of the better glamour sets available on the Mog Station right now. It packs a lot of unique and useful pieces into one set, where most similar sets often have just a single piece that might see use in a wide range of glamours. On top of that, all of the pieces are dyeable, making this one a highly-recommended and high-value purchase!

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