Gear Set Gallery: Nabaath Garb of Scouting

Way back in Heavensward, the developers of FFXIV made the decision to start limiting gear for crafters and gatherers so that it could only be worn by the appropriate classes. This had large implications for glamour, as all previous gear for Disciples of the Hand and Land could be equipped by all classes. Since that point, there have been a number of models that have never been available to the game’s battle classes, but with Shadowbringers, we’re starting to see some of those models opened up for other roles. This gallery covers one of those sets, the Nabaath Garb of Scouting for Ninjas (and any future Scouting jobs), from the level 77 dungeon Malikah’s Well.

Set Pieces (Requirements: NIN 77)
Weapon: Nabaath Daggers
Head: Nabaath Turban of Scouting
Body: Nabaath Coat of Scouting
Hands: Nabaath Gloves of Scouting
Legs: Nabaath Bottoms of Scouting
Feet: Nabaath Shoes of Scouting

Based on models from Stormblood that were originally only for gathering classes, the set is heavy (and a little odd for Ninja, perhaps), but works well for desert-themed glamour since it’s all designed to protect from the sun’s heat. Like most dungeon gear, this set is non-dyeable.

For a set with a heavy coat like this one, I would have expected some clipping issues, but there are happily only the familiar ones: some tail clipping during movement and the possibility for hands to clip through the coat in some poses. Outside of that, everything fits well, and this one even looks rather nice on smaller characters in my opinion, which is something of a rarity for FFXIV‘s heavier clothing options. It’s a shame the pieces aren’t able to be dyed, but at least the default color scheme is pretty nice!

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