Gear Set Gallery: The Forgiven’s Garb of Aiming

Just in case the World of Darkness gear re-colors from Stormblood weren’t enough for your tastes, the final leveling dungeon of Shadowbringers offers another round of them! Each of the Forgiven sets from the dungeon re-uses the sets with a new color scheme (and a subtly different dyeing patterns), and the Forgiven’s Garb of Aiming is no exception. Available for Aiming classes (Bard, Dancer, and Machinst as of writing), the new set drops from the level 79 dungeon Mt. Gulg and carries a corresponding level requirement.

Set Pieces (Requirements: BRD/DNC/MCH 79)
Weapons: Chakrams of the Forgiven (pictured), Longbow of the Forgiven, Revolver of the Forgiven
Head: The Forgiven’s Hat of Aiming
Body: The Forgiven’s Tabard of Aiming
Hands: The Forgiven’s Bracers of Aiming
Legs: The Forgiven’s Breeches of Aiming
Feet: The Forgiven’s Boots of Aiming

Since the Forgiven’s Tabard has a bit of a wide flare, it does have some minor potential for hand clipping in certain poses, but there are no other notable clipping issues across the set. The color scheme is quite striking, too (though I am certainly partial to black and gold, as a look through my glamours will probably attest). On top of that, all of the left side pieces of the set are dyeable—you can see how they dye with Royal Blue in the shots below.

None of the gold washes out with dye, so the Forgiven’s pieces are rather handy for glamour purposes, if the existing versions of the models don’t work quite the way you want them to. Personally, I’ve been partial to the Tabard’s model for a long time, though it’s slightly too long for my normal thighboot preferences…

I’m able to put the extra time needed to farm items for set galleries like this one thanks to the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons, with special thanks going out to current $5 patrons Adam Babloyan, Del, Fransisco Galicia, NiaYumiya, and Nomolun. If you’ve found this gallery helpful and would like to offer support of your own, you can check out the site’s Patreon, which also supports other things like Mog Station Reviews.

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