Gear Set Gallery: Ravel Keeper’s Garb of Scouting

Up next in the continuing series of gear set galleries for Shadowbringers is the Ravel Keeper’s Garb of Scouting. I’ve actually been sitting on this set for quite some time, but I’ve I didn’t come up with a priority system for posting these before I started this project (and I really should have!), so it’s been patiently waiting on my retainer ever since I hit 80 on Ninja. But that changes now today! As you might expect, the Ravel Keeper’s Garb comes from The Qitana Ravel, the expansion’s level 75 leveling dungeon.

Set Pieces (Requirements: NIN 75)
Weapon: Ravel Keeper’s Knives
Head: Ravel Keeper’s Headdress of Scouting
Body: Ravel Keeper’s Chestwrap of Scouting
Hands: Ravel Keeper’s Armlets of Scouting
Legs: Ravel Keeper’s Slops of Scouting
Feet: Ravel Keeper’s Sandals of Scouting

As with a lot of body pieces that have heavy skirts, the Ravel Keeper’s Chestwrap does sometimes clip through character hands (and a little more noticeably than usual, given how layered it is). As always, different poses can avoid that entirely. Similarly, any potential hairstyle clipping with the Headdress can be avoided with a style swap (though I didn’t notice any on my character). Like other Ravel Keeper’s sets, this one is also dyeable, and I’ve collected some example shots of the set in Midnight Blue.

Filling something of an unexplored tribal niche (especially for Ninja), the Ravel Keeper’s Garb is a nice addition to any glamour toolkit, with a number of unique pieces for a wildling aesthetic (with one of the few other sets in the same vein, from Sohm Al, being rather heavy for Scouting classes). It’s worth noting that the Sandals work well to turn any pair of pants into cropped shorts as well, which is always a useful thing to keep in mind!

I’m able to put the extra time needed to farm items for set galleries like this one thanks to the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons, with special thanks going out to current $5 patrons Adam Babloyan, Del, Fransisco Galicia, NiaYumiya, and Nomolun. If you’ve found this gallery helpful and would like to offer support of your own, you can check out the site’s Patreon, which also supports other things like Mog Station Reviews.

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