Gear Set Gallery: Lakeland Garb of Striking

At a glance, it can be a bit difficult to distinguish the Lakeland Garb of Striking from the corresponding Scouting set from the first dungeon of Shadowbringers. Both sets are based on the Bogatyr’s Garb from A Realm Reborn, and both have largely similar color schemes centered around shades of brown and black. The devil is mostly in the details between the two, like where the bits of red show up and things of that sort. This set drops from Holminster Switch, has a requirement of level 71, and can be worn by Monk and Samurai (as well as any future Striking classes).

Set Pieces (Requirements: MNK/SAM 71)
Weapons: Lakeland Blade (pictured), Lakeland Claws
Head: Lakeland Blinder of Striking
Body: Lakeland Longcoat of Striking
Hands: Lakeland Gloves of Striking
Legs: Lakeland Slops of Striking
Feet: Lakeland Thighboots of Striking

Like all of the Lakeland sets, this one is non-dyeable, something of a shame with the set’s drab colors (but that’s common to all of the Lakeland sets). The pieces are well-modeled, based on a set that was itself put together well. You’ll find clipping issues between the Blinder and some hairstyles (particularly those with bangs), and the Longcoat is wide enough to sometimes clip through character fingertips in some poses. There aren’t any significant issues for tails, with the only notable thing being some minor clipping through the various adornments around the coat’s waist.

While the set would have been much more useful if dyeable, the Lakeland Garb of Striking does open up models that were unavailable to Striking classes before Shadowbringers. They’re valuable for that alone, and the gloves and boots are neutral enough in color that they might find use as companion pieces to other sets, also.

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