Gear Set Gallery: Voeburtite Garb of Healing

Another lovely set from Shadowbringers, the Voeburtite Garb of Healing offers a glamour style rarely seen for healers, with the main point being that the central body piece that isn’t a big flowing robe or coat. The set on the whole is well-suited to an adventuring healer look, with pieces more appropriate for travel than an academic setting (but not heavily out of place there, either). Like other Voeburtite sets, this one is found in Dohn Mheg.

Set Pieces (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 73)
Weapons: Fae Cane, Fae Codex (pictured), Fae Planisphere
Head: Voeburtite Hat of Healing
Body: Voeburtite Tunic of Healing
Hands: Voeburtite Gloves of Healing
Legs: Voeburtite Trousers of Healing
Feet: Voeburtite Shoes of Healing

Like most dungeon sets, the Voeburtite Healing gear is non-dyeable, but the associated Fae weapons from Dohn Mheg are dyeable. The gallery includes an example of the Fae Codex in Dalamud Red. Clipping issues with the Tunic minimimal: it has some minor clipping potential with tails, and its wide sleeves do clip slightly with Tunic’s base (an issue that can pretty easily be avoided with different idle poses). The back of the Hat can have significant clipping issues with ponytails (with the most extreme instance being with Alma’s style from the Return to Ivalice raid series), but other styles work just fine.

Lighter fare tends to be my preference for healer glamours (and Scholar in particular), so this set has been one of my favorites of the new expansion so far. I’ve already used some pieces from it for a healing glamour, and it’s one that I don’t imagine will be changing anytime soon!

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