Mog Station Review: Krile’s Attire

With this being the week of FFXIV‘s anniversary and the annual Rising Event, the Mog Station got an update to implement a rather significant sale (with large numbers of items being discounted). The update also added a new outfit to the shop that’s been hiding in the game’s files for quite some time: Krile’s Attire, patterned after Krile Baldesion in the game (who is in turn patterned after the Krile of Final Fantasy V). The new outfit is available at a purchase price of $12 USD (and is not part of the aforementioned sale, like a handful of newer glamour outfits that have been added this year).

Purchasing the set nets you three items: a Scion Hearer’s Hood, Scion Hearer’s Coat, and Scion Hearer’s Shoes. All three items are gender-locked for female characters. For most intents and purposes, all three are also non-dyeable (like most NPC costume sets), though the Scion Hearer’s Hood does have a special dye interaction. Because the gear pieces were originally designed specifically for Krile as an NPC, the Hood includes her unique hairstyle, and dye functions as a way to change the hair color without actually changing the colors of the actual clothing. You can see from the sample image of the Hood “dyed” Metallic Purple that the hair takes on dye properties as though it were normal fabric.

Of course, since the outfit was originally designed for a female lalafell without the other races in mind, there are some unfortunate modeling issues with the set. There aren’t any major issues with tails (outside of the normal trouble during motion)., but the Robe’s wide sleeves clip into the body piece itself (which is not as noticeable on lalafell characters, whose arms tend to be at a wider angle relative to their bodies than other race’s arms). Similar issues can happen with character hands, depending on race, also. Such clipping can thankfully be avoided with changes in idle poses, though. The Hood, however, interacts unfortunately with Viera ears, which clip through the top of the hood as though no headpiece were worn at all.

Whether those issues are disqualifying will be up to personal preference and probably depend on your character’s race. Without a doubt, the set is going to look best on lalafell characters, and if you play something else, you might find the pieces to have a bit of an odd fit. While the set is thankfully below the premium $18 price point of other Mog Station outfits, the fact that it contains only three (effectively) non-dyeable items does make even its lower price point feel a little steep. The Hood does have some novelty value in that it allows for otherwise-unavailable hair colors (particularly metallic shades), but beyond that the set doesn’t offer much to non-lalafells (unless you really like her shoes!).

I purchased Krile’s Attire from the Mog Station for purposes of this review. Reviews like this one are made possible with the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons, with special thanks going out to current $5 patrons Adam Babloyan, Del, Fransisco Galicia, NiaYumiya, and Nomolun. If you’ve found this review helpful, consider checking out the site’s Patreon, which also supports other things like the new Gear Set Galleries I’ve been putting together for Shadowbringers.

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