Gear Set Gallery: Nabaath Garb of Aiming

Like most of its companion sets, the Nabaath Garb of Aiming is built on a base of crafting or gathering gear, with this particular set mostly pulling from the Forager’s/Trailblazer’s sets of expansions past. The set is also somewhat unique, however, in that it also includes a pair of Grand Company gear re-colors, opening up models for members of other Grand Companies that were previously only available to members of the Twin Adders. The set drops from the new Shadowbringers dungeon, Malikah’s Well.

Set Pieces (Requirements: BRD/DNC/MCH 77)
Weapons: Nabaath Bow, Nabaath Chakrams (pictured), Nabaath Rimfire
Head: Nabaath Scarf of Aiming
Body: Nabaath Vest of Aiming
Hands: Nabaath Field Dressing of Aiming
Legs: Nabaath Slops of Aiming
Feet: Nabaath Crakows of Aiming

Overall, the set doesn’t have a lot of clipping issues, though like many body pieces with abundant pouches, hands can sometimes clip with the Nabaath Vest. Otherwise, each piece seems well modeled and should work for a variety of races and with a variety of hairstyles, too. Where the set lacks is in its color scheme, which suffers from the items being non-dyeable. Dyeable versions of the Scarf, Vest, and Slops are already available to everyone, since both the Forager’s and Trailblazer’s sets come from the days when gathering gear could be worn by everyone.

The Field Dressing and Crakows, however, are available for the first time to members of the Immortal Flames or the Maelstrom. Their original models were purchased with Allied Seals and limited to the Twin Adders. Neither piece is especially unique (which is probably why the developers thought them viable to use again), but more options are always welcome, even so.

Of course, the set’s overall aesthetics are questionable for Aiming classes, seeming a poor fit for Bard and Dancer, in particular. The Vest is still a decent fit for a Machinist, though, and I imagine that’s where it will see the most use for glamours. To be fair, though, that same criticism could be leveled against many of the Nabaath sets, which seem to be going for an overall theme of mining gear repurposed for battle.

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One thought on “Gear Set Gallery: Nabaath Garb of Aiming

  1. This should come with the same hat as the healing set. They completely dropped the ball on the headpiece.
    Don’t mind me, I’m just salty I can’t glam the cap on my MCH…


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