Gear Set Gallery: The Forgiven’s Armor of Fending

Tank armor is my nemesis in FFXIV, but I have to admit a certain fondness for the Forgiven’s armor set from Shadowbringers. The original Demon Armor from World of Darkness was one of the few pieces of heavy armor I wore back in A Realm Reborn (and I wore the Chromite version from Stormblood for a little while, too), but the Forgiven’s Armor of Fending is, in my opinion, the best version of the model set that we have. The set drops from Mt. Gulg, the final leveling dungeon in the new expansion.

Set Pieces (Requirements: DRK/GNB/PLD/WAR 79)
Weapons: Greatsword of the Forgiven (pictured), Labrys of the Forgiven, Manatrigger of the Forgiven, Sword & Shield of the Forgiven
Head: The Forgiven’s Circlet of Fending
Body: The Forgiven’s Armor of Fending
Hands: The Forgiven’s Gauntlets of Fending
Legs: The Forgiven’s Breeches of Fending
Feet: The Forgiven’s Sabatons of Fending

Like the other Forgiven sets, this one has a sharp black and gold color scheme, one far more striking than the muddy dark colors of the set’s re-color from Heavensward. The set is also (like most gear from A Realm Reborn era) generally well-modeled and has no major clipping problems outside of familiar ones common to heavy pieces like the Forgiven’s Armor or any circlet with various hairstyles. On top of that, the set is also dyeable, with an excellent single-channel pattern, with the gold accents staying prominent in any color. Below are some example shots of the set in Grape Purple.

Combining an iconic look with an improved color scheme and an excellent dyeing pattern always makes for a solid set on the glamour front. Outside of the circlet, with its “evil” character, each piece should be usable in combination with a variety of other armor that also feature gold accents, and the set’s dyeable nature should give it a high level of flexibility in that area!

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