Gear Set Gallery: Lakeland Garb of Casting

Another set from the Lakeland cycle of gear that hearkens back to Heavensward gear sets, the Lakeland Garb of Casting opens up models formerly only available to various physical classes to casters. Like the Lakeland Aiming gear, this one originated in Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum, available for tanks and Dragoon initially (and was later re-used for the other physical DPS in late Heavensward). In Shadowbringers, you’ll find this version of the gear set in Holminster Switch.

Set Pieces (Requirements: BLM/RDM/SMN 71)
Weapons: Lakeland Grimoire, Lakeland Rod (pictured), Lakeland Smallsword
Head: Lakeland Tricorne of Casting
Body: Lakeland Coat of Casting
Hands: Lakeland Gloves of Casting
Legs: Lakeland Trousers of Casting
Feet: Lakeland Boots of Casting

Like the rest of the gear sets from Lakeland, this one is non-dyeable, though it suffers a bit less from its color scheme, which is actually rather similar to that of the original Defiant Duelist’s set for tanks that this one is based on. While less drab colors (or dyeability, as ever) would be welcome, this set is serviceable enough for a good dueling look for Red Mage or a more scholarly style for either Black Mage or Summoner.

Outside of the expected clipping issues for wider coats with character hands, the set has no significant clipping issues. I wasn’t able to find any hairstyle clipping issues, thanks to the Tricorne completely covering the head and the Coat’s rather narrow collar. Tails might slightly clip through a belt on the Coat, but not in an especially jarring way (and whether there is such clipping at all will depend on race and gender, of course).

Of all the Lakeland sets, this might be my favorite (much as the model set was my favorite of the cycle of gear from Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum originally). While the colors are a bit dry, the pieces themselves are great (even the Trousers are actually glamour-worthy for the right look, in my opinion!). The set should have been made available to casters long ago in my opinion, and if on some off-chance we see a patch that makes the Lakeland sets dyeable, this one will be the best of the lot!

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