Gear Set Gallery: Ravel Keeper’s Garb of Striking

Largely sharing models with the Scouting gear from the same dungeon, the Ravel Keeper’s Garb of Striking follows along thematically with the rest of the sets from The Qitana Ravel, a new dungeon from the Shadowbringers expansion. Serving well as tribal or ceremonial garb that’s lighter fare than other options in the same vein, the set works particularly well for Striking classes with the hint of martial arts flavor that it carries, too.

Set Pieces (Requirements: MNK/SAM 75)
Weapons: Ravel Keeper’s Blade, Ravel Keeper’s Knuckles (pictured)
Head: Ravel Keeper’s Headband of Striking
Body: Ravel Keeper’s Chestpiece of Striking
Hands: Ravel Keeper’s Armlets of Striking
Legs: Ravel Keeper’s Slops of Striking
Feet: Ravel Keeper’s Sandals of Striking

Like the other Ravel Keeper’s sets, this one has only the expected sort of clipping issues: the possibility for minor hand clipping with the heavy skirt and potential for some hair clipping with the Headband (though I didn’t note any particular ones while browsing through female miqo’te styles). The armor pieces of the set are also dyeable, with the collected screenshots showing off the set in Cream Yellow. The associated weapons are non-dyeable, as with the other sets in the cycle.

Personally, I like the idea of using this one for tribal warriors best: it seems well-suited to the Keepers of the Moon, the Xaela, and Viera in particular. But it also has vibes of temple garb that might be suitable for monastic warriors, too, especially with the armlets, the headband (which is somewhat unique for the Striking set in that it includes a headband with the feathered headdress), and sandals. In that regard, it’s probably the best fit for its respective classes out of all the Ravel Keeper’s sets, in my eyes.

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