Gear Set Gallery: Nabaath Attire of Healing

Each of the sets from Malikah’s Well in Shadowbringers re-purposes crafting or gathering gear for FFXIV‘s combat classes, and the Nabaath Attire of Healing is no exception. In this particular case, we see mid-tier crafting gear from Stormblood combined with an old Ironworks gathering cap from Heavensward to create one of those rare dungeon sets that feels usable completely out of the so-called box. As mentioned, the set comes from Malikah’s Well, the level 77 dungeon of the latest expansion.

Set Pieces (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 77)
Weapons: Nabaath Cane, Nabaath Codex (pictured), Nabaath Planisphere
Head: Nabaath Cap of Healing
Body: Nabaath Doublet of Healing
Hands: Nabaath Gloves of Healing
Legs: Nabaath Bottoms of Healing
Feet: Nabaath Shoes of Healing

Like the set it’s based on, this Nabaath set does have one of the game’s normal clipping quibbles: its array of pouches and the large bag that hangs from the Vest can sometimes interact poorly with character hands (and some weapons worn on the waist, naturally). Outside of that, the set’s well-modeled and I didn’t find any other clipping issues with tails or hair while experimenting with the various pieces. Although the set is non-dyeable, it has a flexible color scheme, with a focus on greens and browns that should allow for a lot of freedom when combining pieces of the set with other gear.

The set’s great on its own, of course, but I also see a lot of potential for it as bits and pieces for other looks. In particular, I rather like the idea of using the Cap and Doublet as part of a new Scholar glamour, and the Gloves and Shoes seem like they’d work well for any number of things, since they’re both quite utilitarian. While I don’t personally go for loose pants of the sort that come with this set, they are one of the better examples of baggy pants that we have in the game, and I imagine others will find use for them in glamours, too!

All in all, I’d say this is one of the bigger successes of the Nabaath gear, since it opens up some of the best crafting and gathering gear to another class (casters have a version that I hope to have up before long, too!), and the color scheme gives the set a lot of glamour potential.

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