Gear Set Gallery: The Forgiven’s Garb of Scouting

Based on the Demon gear from A Realm Reborn‘s World of Darkness raid, the Forgiven’s Scouting set uses a collection of models I’ve always wanted to like but never managed to turn into a glamour. Strangely, gear this light is somewhat rare for Ninja in FFXIV (with heavy coats and armor being oddly common), so this new version of the set is one of the better of those available thanks to its dyeability and functional (if not particularly striking) color scheme. Like the other Forgiven’s sets, this one drops from Mt. Gulg, the level 79 dungeon from Shadowbringers.

Set Pieces (Requirements: NIN 79)
Weapons: Daggers of the Forgiven
Head: The Forgiven’s Circlet of Scouting
Body: The Forgiven’s Chestpiece of Scouting
Hands: The Forgiven’s Bracers of Scouting
Legs: The Forgiven’s Sarouel of Scouting
Feet: The Forgiven’s Caligae of Scouting

Since this set is (as per usual) shared with the game’s Striking classes in terms of models, one of the two had to lose out a bit on color scheme, and that happens to be the Scouting version. Most of the Forgiven’s sets prominently feature black with gold accents (with some brown for a bit of contrast with the black), but the Scouting gear focuses a lot more on browns than blacks, giving the set a much more muted appearance. While that’s perhaps fitting thematically, it makes the set less exciting from a glamour perspective.

This is alleviated somewhat by the set being dyeable, like all of the Forgiven’s gear. For the most part, each piece dyes along a single color channel, as shown in the sample images of the set in Rolanberry Red. The specific channel is largely consistent across the whole of the set, as well, making it easy to change the overall character of the full set just with dye. Color-wise, though, the yellow/tan of the set sticks around through dye, which makes it tough to combine with pieces outside of the set.

When it comes to clipping, there are the normal issues: the Circlet clips with every hairstyle I could test (even the close-cut one I used for the images!), and the Chestpiece has some elements that can clip with character hands. Outside of those, there’s little else to worry about that I could see. The set is well-modeled, though like its parent pieces, the flowing cloth of the Chestpiece is a bit “stiff” thanks to the game’s limited cloth physics (something that newer models tend to be a little better with).

Beyond that, there’s not a lot to say about this one! It’s rather unique and not especially flexible from a glamour perspective. Either its aesthetics work for you, or they don’t, and the set’s glamour potential rests entirely on that.

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