Gear Set Gallery: Ravel Keeper’s Garb of Aiming

Another of the generally lovely sets from The Qitana Ravel, the Ravel Keeper’s Aiming gear shares most of its models with the similar sets for Scouting and Striking classes. Like those ensembles, this one’s distinguished from the others by its headdress, which is shared instead with the Fending set. Otherwise, if you’ve been following along with the gear set galleries thus far, you’ve seen this one before—but that’s no reason not to be thorough!

Set Pieces (Requirements: BRD/DNC/MCH 75)
Weapons: Ravel Keeper’s Bow, Ravel Keeper’s Handgonne, Ravel Keeper’s Tathlums (pictured)
Head: Ravel Keeper’s Headband of Aiming
Body: Ravel Keeper’s Chestwrap of Aiming
Hands: Ravel Keeper’s Chestwrap of Aiming
Legs: Ravel Keeper’s Slops of Aiming
Feet: Ravel Keeper’s Sandals of Aiming

Like the rest of the Ravel Keeper’s gear sets, this one is dyeable, with examples of the set dyed Nophica Green included with the image gallery. Generally, the set sticks primarily to the chosen color when dyed, though the feathered elements on the Headband and the Chestwrap take on additional shades of it (which has the unfortunate side effect of muddying the character of those parts of the set). The associated weapons are non-dyeable, like the other Ravel Keeper’s weapons.

When it comes to modeling issues, this one has the usual suspects: hair clipping for the Headband with a variety of styles and some potential hand clipping with the skirt of the Chestwrap. The Chestwrap may also clip with some longer hairstyles, but most seem to work well enough. I didn’t notice any particular tail issues for this set (just as with its other versions).

Of the classes this set’s available to, I imagine Bard and Dancer are much better fits for its aesthetics than Machinist (though that could be said of a large range of FFXIV‘s Aiming gear). Like the other sets in the series, this one works well for a tribal look or one with some ceremonial elements to it. Dyeability is, as always, a great plus for any dungeon set, and this one’s a worth addition to any glamour collection as a result.

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