Gear Set Gallery: Nabaath Garb of Fending

It’s been an intense, set gallery spamming ride here on Fashion Ninjutsu ever since I made the decision to document all of the expansion’s new dungeon gear. While there are still around twelve sets left to post, today’s gallery of the Fending gear from Malikah’s Well means three classes of armor are now finished (for the initial leveling dungeons, anyway!), with recent posts for Aiming and Scouting sets wrapping up those roles. It’s the home stretch!

Set Pieces (Required Level: DRK/GNB/PLD/WAR 77)
Weapons: Nabaath Axe, Nabaath Blade (pictured), Nabaath Manatrigger, Nabaath Sword & Shield
Head: Nabaath Pot Helm of Fending
Body: Nabaath Vest of Fending
Hands: Nabaath Gauntlets of Fending
Legs: Nabaath Trousers of Fending
Feet: Nabaath Fringe Boots of Fending

Like other sets from Malikah’s Well, this one is non-dyeable and uses a combination of old gathering gear and other models to create a set with a cobbled together feel (likely the result of workers in the mine responding to the Flood of Light, Ahm Araeng was closest to it). In this particular case, unfortunately, the chosen pieces don’t open up any new models for tanks in a glamour sense. The chosen gathering pieces (the Vest, Trousers, and Fringe Boots) have two All Classes, craftable versions from Heavensward (which are also dyeable, though their dyeing patterns are not the best). The Pot Helm is also available to everyone as the Anemos Pot Helm, and the Gauntlets are drawn from a set that has a Fending version already.

Overall, this means the set opens up little in the way of potential for new tank glamours. It has a different base color scheme than either of the versions of the gathering gear in use for the set, which may allow for some combinations that weren’t previously possible (since, as mentioned, the previous versions don’t dye all that well). Despite that set back, the set is generally well-modeled, with the only clipping issue of note being a common one for body pieces that have an array of pouches on the waist. Hands (and displayed weapons) can clip through on both sides of the body (but this is as always a partially avoidable problem thanks to the /changepose feature). The rest of the pieces are fine, with the Pot Helm avoiding hairstyle problems by being the “full-coverage” type of headgear.

Of all the pieces, I imagine the Fringe Boots will have the most long term glamour potential for collectors. The model was fairly popular during the Heavensward era, and this new version opens up the possibility of its use with new color combinations. Outside of that, the Nabaath Fending gear can probably be skipped, but sometimes pieces like this can complete a look you might never expect!

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