Glamour Spotlight: Weaver #1

Now that we have a slightly narrower release window for Patch 5.1 of Shadowbringers—late October—I don’t feel like I have to scramble quite so hurriedly to have all of the 5.0 dungeon gear set galleries up on the site in time. That means I can get back to sprinkling in some glamours I’ve been sitting on for some time now—a month or more in some cases. In particular, after the expansion’s early period, where I was focused on leveling, gear set collection, and things of that sort, I started casually working on crafting again.

While in my hayday I was always a dedicated omnicrafter, being on Balmung slowly sapped my desire to pentameld expensive crafting materia with its generally deflated market for high end recipes. At the same time, I’ve always been a bit sad that going the omnicrafting route means the often lovely crafter artifact sets never see much use. So, for Shadowbringers, I decided instead to craft casually, focusing on my three chosen specialists, and using the Artifact gear to outfit my crafters instead of materia melding. Of course, I was heavily motivated to go this way by the fact that the Shadowbringers crafter AF includes some fantastic pieces, and the first one I wanted to glamour with was the new Boltfiend’s set for Weaver.

Glamour Components (Required Level: WVR 80, Female)
Head: Reading Glasses (Gobbiebag Brown)
Body: Boltfiend’s Swallowtail
Hands: Weaver’s Gloves
Legs: Werewolf Bottoms (Charcoal Grey)
Feet: Ishgardian Thighboots (Russet Brown)

The original Weaver’s Swallowtail has long been one of my favorite glamour pieces (and I sincerely wish we had access to an all classes version just for Red Mage!), so I was already pretty excited that we were getting one in a new style to play with. But this one also has a vest, which is something I think FFXIV really needs more of (especially for all genders, since some of the only ones we do have are male-only), so I had to put it to good use! While we don’t yet have a dyeable version, the new Swallowtail’s default color scheme is really solid, providing lots of elements for other pieces to work with, which made putting this one together fairly straightforward.

Shadowbringers gave us a great pair of elegant thighboots that fit high class pieces like the Swallowtail: the new Ishgardian Thighboots, which more or less perfectly match the body piece’s belt in Russet Brown. They also play well with the tie, too, which has a similar rich color. For gloves, I’ve also always been a fan of the Weaver’s Gloves, which in this case have a nice juxtaposition of white and black that pairs well with the body’s vest and shirt. For a skirt, only the Werewolf Bottoms gave me the length I wanted (with other options like the Valentione Skirt being too short), and they match the Swallowtail well enough. Glasses, of course, need no real explanation since I don’t think I’ve used anything other than Reading Glasses since the beginning of Shadowbringers…

My only disappointment surrounding this look is that I’ve not actually found a solid market in which to make use of my level 80 Weaver! I’ve spent more time on Alchemist than anything so far gil (and I have a corresponding glamour for that, too, which I will try to get up soon!), with my Weaver’s sharp look largely gathering dust. It’s still my favorite of the crafter looks I’ve put together recently, though, and so I decided to get it up on the site first!

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