Gear Set Gallery: Voeburtite Armor of Maiming

For the most part, the Voeburtite Armor of Maiming shares models with the Fending and Aiming sets from Dohn Mheg (the level 73 dungeon of Shadowbringers). Little details, like the feather in the circlet or the single shoulder plate (as opposed to two or none), set it apart from the others, but like both of them, this set makes for a solid courtly adventurer look all by itself.

Set Pieces (Requirements: DRG 73)
Weapon: Fae Spear
Head: Voeburtite Circlet of Maiming
Body: Voeburtite Jacket of Maiming
Hands: Voeburtite Gauntlets of Maiming
Legs: Voeburtite Gaskins of Maiming
Feet: Voeburtite Greaves of Maiming

As with the other sets from Dohn Mheg, the majority of the pieces in this Maiming set are non-dyeable, with the exception of the accompanying Fae Spear, which is shown off in Dalamud Red in the gallery for an example of its dyeing pattern. The color scheme for this one is solid, however, with Dragoon’s familiar blue giving the Jacket some character and ensuring that it’ll work alongside other Maiming gear for glamours. If there’s one complaint in terms of colors it’s that this set is not distinct enough from the similar Fending set (with the main difference being red versus blue), but that’s hardly the set’s fault in a vacuum.

If you’ve been following along with the gear set galleries for Shadowbringers thus far, you’ve probably already guessed that there aren’t many modeling issues with this set. The belt pouch that comes with the Jacket might clip with character hands, and the Circlet has all the normal issues with a variety of hairstyles. There’s very little in the way of other clipping issues (aside from barely noticeable tail clipping with the body piece’s belt), and the two main issues can be avoided with hairstyle and pose changes as usual.

As a result, this set gets the seal of approval (like most of the Voeburtite sets). It has a good, neutral color scheme and colors that play well with other gear available to Dragoons (and any other Maiming classes we may see down the line). Personally, I like the Jacket most (and you can check out one glamour I put together with it here!), but I think all of the pieces could find their place as part of the right look!

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