Gear Set Gallery: Ravel Keeper’s Attire of Healing

Dropping from The Qitana Ravel, the Ravel Keeper’s Attire of Healing largely shares models with the similar Casting gear from the same dungeon. As is usual between the two normally paired Disciple of Magic sets, this one has a lighter color scheme than the other, favoring more earthy tones. Of course, the range of colors common to the Ravel Keeper’s sets is still here, especially in the feathers and jeweled accessories throughout the set.

Set Pieces (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 75)
Weapons: Ravel Keeper’s Cane, Ravel Keeper’s Codex (pictured), Ravel Keeper’s Planisphere
Head: Ravel Keeper’s Headband of Healing
Body: Ravel Keeper’s Chestwrap of Healing
Hands: Ravel Keeper’s Halfgloves of Healing
Legs: Ravel Keeper’s Slops of Healing
Feet: Ravel Keeper’s Sandals of Healing

If those earthy tones aren’t your preference, the set is dyeable, like the other sets from The Qitana Ravel (with the example shots using Grape Purple). Most of the pieces follow the standard single-channel dyeing pattern, with the body piece using the familiar two-tone approach (just like the other Ravel Keeper’s sets), which has the unfortunate result of robbing the feathers of their vibrant colors. The ability to customize the set is still useful for glamour purposes, though, and makes it more flexible than other tribal themed gear available to healers.

The usual minor clipping issue with hands is present on this set, which should come as no surprise given the wide skirt that comes along with the Chestwrap. Where this set stumbles is with its Headband, though: while most of the various Ravel Keeper’s Headbands work with at least some hairstyles without clipping, I couldn’t find a single one that didn’t clip in some fashion with the healer variant (across miqo’te hairstyles, at any rate—other races/genders might have better luck). This is largely due in part to the feather, which is placed a bit oddly compared to other feathered circlets in the game.

The rest of the set is otherwise well modeled, and healers gain access to both the Halfgloves and Sandals, which can be used to cut off long sleeves or trousers above the elbow and knee, respectively. Those two pieces alone offer a lot of glamour utility, making them worth a look even if you’re not going for a glamour in the normal Ravel aesthetic. The other pieces have less use in a creative sense but are all still glamour-worthy (with perhaps the exception of the Headband, giving its particular clipping issues).

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