Gear Set Gallery: Nabaath Attire of Casting

The refrain should be familiar by now: the sets from Malikah’s Well largely repurpose old crafting and gathering sets as hastily donned battle gear, and the Casting set from the dungeon is no exception. Like the companion healing set, this one is based on the mid-tier Ala Mhigan crafting set from Stormblood, but with one notable item swap. Instead of the crafting turban (which the healing set uses), this one instead opens up the model of the Ballad Crown (from Labyrinth of the Ancients in A Realm Reborn) to another armor class for the first time.

Set Pieces (Requirements: BLM/RDM/SMN 77)
Weapons: Nabaath Grimoire, Nabaath Rod, Nabaath Tuck (pictured)
Head: Nabaath Crown of Casting
Body: Nabaath Doublet of Casting
Hands: Nabaath Gloves of Casting
Legs: Nabaath Bottoms of Casting
Feet: Nabaath Shoes of Casting

Like the Nabaath healing set, clipping issues on this one are fairly minimal, with the only thing of note being the potential for hands (and weapons) to clip through the bags that hang from the waist of the Nabaath Doublet. Otherwise, the set is modeled well, and it opens up a number of models to the casting role that were previously unavailable, which is always a plus. Of particular note is the Nabaath Crown, which seems tailor made for Red Mage, and makes casters the only other role that presently have access to its model.

Where the set suffers a bit is from its color scheme. It shares a green and brown theme with the healing set, but it’s a much lighter color of green overall. That’s not going to play well with the majority of caster gear out there at present (though that’s not to say the art team shouldn’t experiment with less common colors for the various roles!). Dyes can get around that to some degree, of course, but the Nabaath set is itself non-dyeable, so this limits its overall glamour flexibility.

Of the full set, the Crown rises to the level of must-have for a varied toolbox of glamour options. It’s one of the best and most unique hats of its kind in the entire game, and a great fit for any of the casters (outside of its color, perhaps). The other pieces are likely to be useful more for very specific looks, and so your mileage may vary as to whether it’s worth collecting the full set.

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