Gear Set Gallery: The Forgiven’s Garb of Striking

I’ve said much of what needs to be said about the Forgiven’s Striking gear already, since it shares models with the Scouting gear that’s also from Mt. Gulg, a set that I covered a few rounds through the dungeons ago. Like that set, this one offers up some light, dyeable armor of the kind that’s actually somewhat rare for both Striking and Scouting melee roles.

Set Pieces (Requirements: MNK/SAM 79)
Weapons: Blade of the Forgiven, Claws of the Forgiven (pictured)
Head: The Forgiven’s Circlet of Striking
Body: The Forgiven’s Chestpiece of Striking
Hands: The Forgiven’s Bracers of Striking
Legs: The Forgiven’s Sarouel of Striking
Feet: The Forgiven’s Caligae of Striking

Where this set differentiates itself from its Scouting counterpart is in its immediately more…well, striking color scheme. Where the Scouting set has muted browns and yellows throughout, the Striking set sticks to the blacks of the other Forgiven’s sets, which works much better alongside the metal accents throughout the set. Even the jewelry offers more to play with in terms of colors in combination with other pieces, with a vibrant green (that immediately brings to my mind the Nyepels Lux and their similar green particle effects). As mentioned, the set’s dyeable, too (with examples in the gallery of Dalamud Red), with colors focusing on a single color channel for the most part, in a way that should allow the set a lot of flexibility.

Like its counterpart, this set is generally well modeled, with most pieces having little to no clipping issues (outside of hands and the cloth hanging from the waist on the Chestpiece). The one exception is the Circlet, which has clipping with a variety of haistyles, both with the actual circlet and the bandanna that accompanies it. Mileage may vary based on character race and gender, but for a miqo’te female, I couldn’t find any hairstyle that worked flawlessly with the Circlet.

Whether or not the set is worth collecting will come down to personal tastes: as with the other Forgiven’s sets, this one does have a very specific aesthetic vibe, which can limit each piece’s overall glamour potential. These are without question the best versions of these models available in the game, though (far better than the original Demon set or the crafted version), thanks to their excellent base color scheme and solid dyeing patterns.

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