Gear Set Gallery: Voeburtite Attire of Casting

As with most of the initial dungeon sets in Shadowbringers, the Voeburtite set from Dohn Mheg for casters shares models with the corresponding healing set. The usual pattern holds here, with the casting set taking on a darker color palette than its healing counterpart, and in this case, I’d say that the darker colors largely suit the Voeburtite Attire of Casting better than the lighter ones suit the Healing set.

Set Pieces (Requirements: BLM/RDM/SMN 73)
Weapons: Fae Grimoire, Fae Rapier (pictured), Fae Rod
Head: Voeburtite Hat of Casting
Body: Voeburtite Tunic of Casting
Hands: Voeburtite Hands of Casting
Legs: Voeburtite Trousers of Casting
Feet: Voeburtite Shoes of Casting

As usual for dungeon sets (and all of the Voeburtite sets), these pieces are non-dyable, but the associated Fae weapons can be dyed, with the Fae Rapier on display in the gallery using Dark Green dye. The Voeburtite Casting gear has a solid color scheme, though: dark browns with some black and white for contrast. All of these are flexible colors and make the set quite usable for glamour purposes, especially compared to the similar healing set, which employed less flexible grey colors for its leather elements.

The set also stands out as one of the better non-robe options for casters available in FFXIV, reminiscent of pieces like the Chivalric Doublet from Heavensward with less heavy fabrics. Even the Trousers seem rather normal for the game, which so often features billowy pantaloons and awkwardly shaped breeches. The overall aesthetic for the set is something rarely seen in the game these days, making the set a breath of fresh air from a glamour perspective (something of a trend in Shadowbringers so far, actually, with far fewer big stuffy robes on display for casters and healers).

Each piece of the set is well-modeled, with no major clipping issues to report, as well, making the set rather worth adding to one’s glamour collection in my view. While a set not being dyeable is always a letdown, this one’s colors are workable enough that every piece can probably be put to use with a variety of other items to make for a unique look.

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