Gear Set Gallery: Ravel Keeper’s Garb of Maiming

This series of gear set galleries for the initial is finally winding down. After today’s set, the Maiming gear from The Qitana Ravel, there will be just five more sets to go. Once that’s done, it’ll be back to business as usual here on Fashion Ninjutsu (with far more glamours than I’ve been posting the past few months!), though I do plan to keep going with new sets from Shadowbringers dungeons as they’re released. But enough about that for now, let’s get into this set, which shares models with the Fending gear from the dungeon (as is often the case between the two armor types).

Set Pieces (Requirements: DRG 75)
Weapon: Ravel Keeper’s Spear
Head: Ravel Keeper’s Headband of Maiming
Body: Ravel Keeper’s Vest of Maiming
Hands: Ravel Keeper’s Armlets of Maiming
Legs: Ravel Keeper’s Kecks of Maiming
Feet: Ravel Keeper’s Thighboots of Maiming

Compared to the other sets from The Qitana Ravel, this one is somewhat muted in color, with the feathers largely lacking the vibrancy of those found on the rest. Like much Maiming gear in FFXIV, this one has a base color scheme focusing on blues and greys, but the set is dyeable, just as with the other Ravel Keeper’s sets (with the shots above including examples in Dalamud Red). The dyeing largely happens along a single channel, so if the base color scheme isn’t to your taste, you can customize the set fairly well, giving it flexible glamour potential.

The only clipping problems of note on this set come from the Headband (which should come as no surprise). This one doesn’t have as significant of issues as some of the other circlets from Shadowbringers, but there are some adornments on the top and back of the Headband that can clip with various hair styles (though none of the clipping I noticed was particularly bad in this case). The rest of the pieces are modeled well and should generally function without noteworthy clipping.

And that covers it for the Maiming set from Qitana Ravel! Generally I like this one as much as I like the other Ravel Keeper’s sets. It’s not a strong fit for my main characters’ aesthetics, but it’s still one of my favorite tribal-themed sets that we’ve gotten in FFXIV so far. Add on the ability to dye the pieces and a lack of clipping issues, and you’ve got a solid set to add to a glamour collection!

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