Gear Set Gallery: Nabaath Garb of Striking

It’d be charitable to describe much of the Nabaath gear as fashionable, but I think the Nabaath Garb of Striking takes the award for least fashionable among them. Cobbled together from a mix of crafting gear (including a leather apron) and crafted tank gear from Stormblood, this set from Malikah’s Well lacks some of the visual cohesion the other sets have (even if they too have a cobbled together feel).

Set Pieces (Requirements: MNK/SAM 77)
Weapons: Nabaath Claws (pictured), Nabaath Katana
Head: Nabaath Headgear of Striking
Body: Nabaath Doublet of Striking
Hands: Nabaath Bracers of Striking
Legs: Nabaath Skirt of Striking
Feet: Nabaath Greaves of Striking

While the set’s overall appearance feels rather jumbled, it still has a number of redeeming qualities. Despite being non-dyeable, its focus on dark greys, blacks, and reds for colors means it plays well with a variety of other gear for Striking classes, which often features red as a key color. The models don’t have major issues, either, with hand clipping on the Doublet’s pouches being minor, and the Headgear working well with a variety of hairstyles (though some with bangs can clip slightly with the eye patch).

The set’s main strength, though, lies in the glamour pieces it opens up for Striking classes. While the Doublet and Skirt were already available in dyeable form to all classes (since they originate from crafted leveling gear for crafters), the Headgear, Bracers, and Greaves were only previously available to tanks and healers during Stormblood. Each piece is relatively neutral in color, with perhaps a splash of red (that works well with other Striking gear, as noted above), making them flexible for glamour even when they can’t be dyed.

So, even though the set as a whole is my least favorite of the Nabaath cycle of gear, this is one of them that I think is most worth collecting from a glamour standpoint. All three of the new-to-Striking pieces are solid models (and I have a particular fondness for the Bracers here, which are a great pair of leather gloves) and able to be used in combination with a variety of other pieces. The Doublet and Skirt are skippable, since dyeable versions that are easier to obtain exist (though as ever, if the particular color scheme is what you need, have at them!), but I’d say this is still definitely a set to keep in mind while planning and putting together your Striking glamours!

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