Gear Set Gallery: The Forgiven’s Attire of Healing

For much of FFXIV‘s history, sets for casters and healers have followed a predictable pattern, sharing models more often than not and colors almost set in stone: dark (usually black) for casters and some shade of white for healers. Often, this is even the case when a full gear cycle a dark theme (such as the Demon sets for World of Darkness or the Void Ark sets), leaving the healer set to stick out like a sore thumb. Many of the new dungeon sets from Shadowbringers have bucked the trend, a bit, though, with the healer gear from Mt. Gulg even keeping the dark color scheme of all the other sets.

Set Pieces (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 79)
Weapons: Cane of the Forgiven, Codex of the Forgiven (pictured), Planisphere of the Forgiven
Head: The Forgiven’s Hat of Healing
Body: The Forgiven’s Robe of Healing
Hands: The Forgiven’s Gloves of Healing
Legs: The Forgiven’s Skirt of Healing
Feet: The Forgiven’s Sandals of Healing

The set’s black and silver color scheme more or less mirrors the white and silver scheme of the original Demon set from World of Darkness, but this newer set being dyeable makes it far more flexible for glamour (and you can see samples of the set in Ceruleum Blue in the gallery). Just in time for All Saints’ Wake, the set also has just a hint of orange with its black, making it a good contender for a seasonal healer glamour, too. The Sandals and Skirt stand out a bit, being the only parts of the set that aren’t majorly black, but dye can fix that if the contrast doesn’t work for one’s tastes.

Like the companion casting set from Mt. Gulg, this one doesn’t have much in the way of clipping issues, with the main potential for problems being hands clipping through the robe and some longer hairstyles clipping with the hood on the back of the robe, too. Pose and style changes can avoid those issues, though, as with a lot of the game’s clipping issues, so they aren’t huge marks against the set.

Hopefully, Shadowbringers continues the trend of this set (and a few others from the expansion), and explores more in the way of color combinations for healers moving forward. While this one is generally outside my personal range of aesthetic choices, I still love that it goes for something a bit different. If I get around to doing All Saints’ Wake glamours this year, I might just have to play with this one a bit for fun…

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