Gear Set Gallery: Voeburtite Garb of Striking

Sharing models with the Scouting set from Dohn Mheg, the Voeburtite Striking gear shares most of its colors with that set as well. However, it sets itself apart by adding an additional color: the bright reds so often used on Striking gear throughout FFXIV. Combined with the greens and browns that are shared with the Scouting set, there’s a lot of clashing going on with this set, a rather unusual thing compared to the rest of the Voeburtite gear.

Set Pieces (Requirements: MNK/SAM 73)
Weapons: Fae Blade (pictured), Fae Knuckles
Head: Voeburtite Circlet of Striking
Body: Voeburtite Jacket of Striking
Hands: Voeburtite Gauntlets of Striking
Legs: Voeburtite Gaskins of Striking
Feet: Voeburtite Thighboots of Striking

Because of the clashing, the set works better as individual pieces more than it does as an ensemble, especially since all of the pieces (outside of the weapons, with the Fae Blade sampled in Deepwood Green in the gallery) are non-dyeable. Unfortunately, the worst of the clashing is contained almost entirely in the body piece, with the bright red of the sleeves and dark green under the leather jacket creating an unfortunate contrast. Were the colors closer together in tone, that might not be such an issue, but it doesn’t work so well on the piece as we have it.

Outside of the color issues, the set doesn’t have many modeling issues. Most of the pieces are fine, with the Circlet being the only point with trouble (as is often the case). In this case, the clipping isn’t as bad as some other examples of circlets throughout Shadowbringers, but it’s still worth noting that you might have to adjust your hairstyle if you really want the piece to be part of your glamour (bangs tend to be the worst offender for this one). Otherwise, each piece works well and is worthy of use with other pieces (as long as the colors don’t cause trouble).

Although this set’s color issues probably make it my least favorite of the Voeburtite sets, it’s still overall a solid set to collect (excepting perhaps the body). The Gauntlets and Thighboots should work well with a variety of other pieces, and the Gaskins are one of those rare examples of trousers in FFXIV that don’t look completely ridiculous. While the other armor types from the dungeon are probably more generally useful, I’d keep this one in mind in particular for lightly-armored Samurai looks!

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