Gear Set Gallery: Nabaath Garb of Maiming

The Nabaath Maiming gear shares models with the Fending gear from Malikah’s Well, which unfortunately means that it doesn’t open up anything new for Dragoon (or any future Maiming classes). Mostly built off of Heavensward gathering gear models, the set also includes a helm that has an All Classes version (from Eureka) and a pair of gauntlets from another Heavensward craftable set.

Set Pieces (Requirements: DRG 77)
Weapons: Nabaath Spear
Head: Nabaath Pot Helm of Maiming
Body: Nabaath Vest of Maiming
Hands: Nabaath Gauntlets of Maiming
Legs: Nabaath Trousers of Maiming
Feet: Nabaath Fringe Boots of Maiming

So, the set suffers somewhat in that it’s already available in other forms (with the gathering pieces having two dyeable variations available to everyone), and it’s also unfortunately non-dyeable. Its base color scheme is a bit out of the norm for Dragoon, though, with greens and reds instead of the far more common blues (which instead show up on the equivalent Fending set this time). The black leather pouches on the Fringe Boots in particular are nice, and might work better than other versions for completing a glamour with other black leather pieces.

The pouches on the body are a source of significant hand clipping possibility, however (which, as always, can be avoided by a change of idle poses). Thankfully none of the other pieces have clipping issues, with the Pot Helm being a full enclosure piece and tails working just fine with the set. So, if a piece in the set has the perfect colors you need to round out your Dragoon look, you should be able to use it without issue.

As I said about the Fending set, the Fringe Boots are probably the most worth collecting for a glamour option, since the previous dyeable versions dye rather poorly. You probably won’t miss the rest of the gear if you don’t get a full set on your way to taking Dragoon to 80, though.

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