Glamour Spotlight: Gunbreaker #1

One of the first things I did at the start of Shadowbringers was take Lynahra’s Gunbreaker to 70, since I wasn’t particularly interested in either new class for Alahra, but my SO wanted to level Dancer for her main. After we got through to 70, we focused on the Main Scenario for quite some time, leaving Lynahra idling. But over the past few months we’ve been steadily picking at the Main Scenario once more on our alts, and across all that time, I’ve been trying to finalize Lynahra’s glamour for her new job.

For the initial 10 levels, I ran around in the new-to-5.0 Raptorskin Shirt, but I never really committed to a glamour with it. Once we were ready to start moving through the Main Scenario proper with our alts, though, I had to commit to something, and the shirt’s red and black didn’t seem a good fit for Shadowbringers overall. That’s when my mind went back to the Outsider’s Jacket rewarded by the initial Gunbreaker quest, with its blues and blacks—colors that are supposed to be Lynahra’s main thing. I didn’t want to delay our getting started, though, so I stuck to her tried and true Guardian Corps Skirt, Sky Rat Hook, and Expeditioner’s Thighboots (with her canon bandana, of course).

As we’ve been moving through Shadowbringers, though, I’ve been experimenting a lot to find something that feels much newer for Lynahra, since she’s been using that combo for a long time now. Bit by bit, this glamour came together between leveling/story sessions, and now I’m finally happy enough to post it.

Glamour Components (Requirements: GNB 68, 73 w/ Weapon)
Weapon: Fae Manatrigger (Ink Blue)
Head: Pagos Bandana (Ink Blue)
Body: Outsider’s Jacket
Hands: Gazelleskin Bracers of Fending (Jet Black)
Legs: Outsider’s Chaps
Feet: Fur-Lined Saurian Boots (Jet Black)

The first replacement came in the form of the Gazelleskin Bracers—I considered them originally, but they didn’t work well in Ink Blue, and I didn’t yet have enough black in the glamour to justify Jet Black. Eventually, I decided to use them anyway, since their shape fit the Jacket far better than the Sky Rat Hook did. From there I experimented with the new Ishgardian Thighboots (too shiny) and ended up stuck for a couple more weeks, outside of a lingering desire to make the Outsider’s Chaps work to do something quite different from the normal skirt/boots setup.

They proved difficult to work with, though. Because I rarely do seasonal events on Lynahra, she’s lacking a key pair of boots I would have otherwise used alongside the Chaps: the Songbird Boots. The best replacement I knew of offhand were the High House Halfboots, but they were (like the Ishgardian Thighboots) too shiny, and I gave up on the Chaps at first, exploring other options (like the Crystarium Gauntlets and Greaves). I met with no success, however, and put things aside once more until our most recent session finishing up the Il Mheg section of the story.

Picking up the Fae Manatrigger, one of the first gunblades I took a real liking to for Lynahra, made me determined to get her look all sorted out. The answer to my problem was tucked away on the Market Board, buried among a slew of shoes and smaller boots that I’ve hardly ever examined closely since I’m so fond of tall boots. The Fur-Lined Saurian Boots had the exact texture I needed to make the Outsider’s Chaps work, though, and now I think Lynahra should be good until she hits 80 (when it’ll be Artifact coat time)!

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