Gear Set Gallery: Warg Garb of Casting

Patch 5.1’s new dungeon brings with it the first level 80 dungeon set of Shadowbringers, since the original three instead dropped accessories to accompany the expansions new Artifact Armor sets. Gathered only from The Grand Cosmos, the new Warg sets are full of wolf motifs, fur, and leather—making for a strange contrast with the stately halls of the new dungeon but offering some unique and flexible glamour pieces in many places. Like most level-capped dungeons in FFXIV, The Grand Cosmos does not reward associated weapons, but otherwise does offer a complete set for each role, with the focus of this gallery being the set for casters.

Set Pieces (Requirements: BLM/RDM/SMN 80)
Head: Warg Pelt of Casting
Body: Warg Jacket of Casting
Hands: Warg Gloves of Casting
Legs: Warg Tights of Casting
Feet: Warg Shoes of Casting

All of the sets from The Grand Cosmos are non-dyeable, but in the case of the casting gear, a solid color scheme with a lot of black, purple, and gold makes for a flexible glamour set. Of particular note are the Gloves and Tights, which give casters some nice new leather options, but each piece has its own potential. The whole sets lends itself well toward mixing and matching with other caster sets, which so often feature the same blend of colors, too.

Where this set might cause some frustration is with clipping issues. While the “side” pieces are all free of issues (including the head piece), the body has some familiar problems. The fur pelt on the shoulders is bulky enough that it clips with a wide variety of longer hairstyles, and the coat hangs just right to cause awkward tail clipping and some potential for hand clipping, too. These issues aren’t total dealbreakers, of course, but they do diminish the body piece’s glamour potential in small ways.

Outside of the clipping, though, I like the set more than I normally like other animal motif sets in FFXIV. The motif is used in subtle ways for this set (outside of the head gear, which is a little more direct about it!), which means the set won’t be limited by the motif in combination with other gear. In particular, I wonder about a glamour combining pieces of this set with the Woad gear from Heavensward‘s Sohm Al dungeon, which has a some similar colors.

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