Glamour Spotlight: Goldsmith #1

It feels like ages ago now, but in the pre-5.1 world, I was at one point planning to post my specialist glamours for Alchemist, Goldsmith, and Weaver. I got around to one of them before I found myself without internet for a few days, and once I was back online, I wanted to focus on posting gear set galleries to make sure all of the initial Shadowbringers ones were done before the patch. Add on all the excitement for Patch 5.1 that soon followed, and I completely forgot about my other crafting glamours!

Obviously, that changed today, when it suddenly hit me that I never managed to post the two remaining looks. Given that there’s new crafted gear, I realized I should probably get these two posted sooner rather than later, since glamours could change on account if I end up with any of the new, shared gear between my three main classes. So, up today is what I’m currently rocking for Goldsmith. I was so taken by Goldsmith’s new Artifact set from the expansion that I just had to work with it (which is almost solely responsible for Alahra no longer being a Leatherworker specialist).

Glamour Components (Requirements: Goldsmith 80, Female)
Head: Reading Glasses (Ul Brown)
Body: Gemfiend’s Vest
Hands: Gemfiend’s Shortgloves
Legs: Guardian Corps Skirt
Feet: Ishgardian Thighboots (Jet Black)

Of course, many of my choices here will come as no surprise. The new Ishgardian Thighboots are one of my latest obsessions (soon to be dethroned by 2B’s boots, perhaps, gods be with me), and it would take a lot for me to move away from Alahra’s canonical spectacles at this point. But, I simply had to show off the Gemfiend’s Vest, which is without a doubt one of my favorite pieces in all of FFXIV right now (most especially because female characters rarely get access to vests like this).

Where I struggled on this one was finding the right skirt. The Gemfiend’s Vest is heavier than a typical vest might otherwise be, what with it being made of leather and all. This lead to some unwanted clashing between the Vest and the usual suspects (like the Valentione Skirt). I think, in an ideal world, I probably would have used the Miqo’te Loincloth, but the way its stockings dye has always been a problem since they tend to be taller than most boots.

Eventually, I settled on the Guardian Corps Skirt. It’s a fairly neutral option, though not one I generally consider for crafting related glamours, where I tend to favor a more professional look, rather than an adventuring one. In this case, though, nothing else really worked well alongside the Vest. The Guardian Corps Skirt was the best overall fit (though it’s far from perfect, and if I knew of something better, I’d be using it!), and for now it’s been serving its purpose.

Now I’m just waiting for the dyeable versions of the crafter Artifact sets for Shadowbringers. Being able to dye the Gemfiend’s Vest would probably go a long way toward fixing my skirt issues, with a black vest working much better with some of the options I passed by for this present version of the glamour. If I had to guess, we won’t see that until sometime in 5.2, though, so it’s going to be a long, unfortunate wait!

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