Gear Set Gallery: No.2 Type B Materiel

Since the release of NieR: Automata over two years ago, there’s been clamor for a crossover with FFXIV, particularly for an excuse to include glamour versions of the various YorHA uniforms present in the game. Now, with the first installment of the new Alliance raid series for Shadowbringers, YorHA: Dark Apocalypse, we’ve finally gotten our wish—at least in part! Though we don’t (yet?) have a glamour version of 9S’s uniform, the first raid in the series, The Copied Factory, offers a special loot drop from its final boss: The No.2 Type B Materiel Storage Crate. This loot box rewards a full dyeable glamour set patterned after 2B’s uniform (which is thankfully not gender-locked). Unlike other rewards from the raid, this one is not bound by any sort of lockout, meaning that you can farm for it to your heart’s content.

Set Pieces (Requirements: All Classes 1)
Head: No.2 Type B Goggles
Body: No.2 Type B Dress
Hands: No.2 Type B Gloves
Legs: No.2 Type B Leggings
Feet: No.2 Type B Boots

As mentioned above, each piece in the set is dyeable, and the included gallery features an example shot of each one in Dalamud Red. For the most part, all of the pieces dye along a single color channel (which should come as no surprise, given the uniform’s primary focus on one color). The Leggings are the main exception, with dye also affecting a small section of black around the thigh area of the tights (and there is a bit in the wrist area of the Dress that will also dye). In general, though, the dyeing patterns are solid, offering a lot of flexibility for glamour when you want something more than 2B’s traditional black.

For such a centerpiece glamour set, however, a handful of minor clipping issues are a bit disappointing. On the Dress, the high collar can lead to some hair clipping issues, and the wide skirt can clip with character hands and tails. As with my pieces of headgear, the Goggles face a variety of hair clipping issues, as well. In something of a unique problem, the fact that the Leggings actually alter the character model’s thighs can lead to some humorous minor clipping where weapons can clip through your character’s actual body (I noticed this with the Silktones in particular, but not with other Ninja weapons). None of these issues rises to the level of a deal breaker for the set as a whole, but they’re unfortunate blemishes on an otherwise lovely set of glamour gear.

In terms of individual pieces, most of those included in this set offer something new. The Goggles offer another dyeable blindfold, the Dress is iconic in its own right, the Leggings come with body mods as a bonus, and the Boots feature some of the highest heels in all of FFXIV. Only the Gloves are fairly standard (though that’s in part due to the decision to include the wrist bracers of the uniform on the Dress, rather than as part of the gloves). Of course, everything works quite well as a full ensemble, too (though we could really use a cycle of weapons to go along with it)!

The one significant downside to the set is, honestly, how difficult it can be to obtain, with out-lotting an entire Alliance after a mechanically dense raid definitely requiring a spot of luck (which is made worse by the fact that, as of writing, there’s no system in place to prevent people who already have the set from rolling on another). Outside of that, which doesn’t impact the set’s glamour potential at all, this one is most assuredly worth picking up (though I wouldn’t blame anyone for waiting until fewer people need the drop).

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