Gear Set Gallery: Warg Garb of Striking

For this week’s gear set gallery, we’ll be looking at another of the Warg sets from Patch 5.1’s The Grand Cosmos. Like all of the sets from the new dungeon, this one—the Striking set for Monk and Samurai—comes with a strong wolf motif. This one features a prominent bushy tail attached to the body piece, like a few of the other sets from the dungeon, greatly emphasizing that motif while somewhat limiting the centerpiece of the set’s glamour potential. No weapon is included to accompany the set, just as is expected for a level cap dungeon.

Set Pieces (Requirements: MNK/SAM 80)
Head: Warg Pelt of Striking
Body: Warg Jacket of Striking
Hands: Warg Fingerless Gloves of Striking
Legs: Warg Sarouel of Striking
Feet: Warg Shoes of Striking

Even though this set is non-dyeable, it has a wonderful (and flexible) base color scheme, a nice blend of cool blues and greys on a slick base of black. Bits of gold work well for contrast and accents, and in terms of working alongside other pieces in the game, this Warg’s sets colors are top notch. Stylistically, the stronger emphasis on the canine themes from this set compared to the models in the Warg Casting gear do mean that it can be more difficult to work with the sets colors (even if I do rather like the mask on the headpiece, which is reminiscent of Anubis), with only the Sarouel and Gloves being relatively neutral in terms of the theme.

Clipping issues are thankfully minimal with this set. The Jacket avoids any tail clipping issues (by simply replacing the tail, naturally), and any hair clipping with the Pelt (generally in the form of some hair clipping through the front of the mask) can be avoided with the welcome use of the /visor toggle on the piece. As with many body pieces that have heavier elements on the neck and shoulders, longer hair can clip through the furs of the Jacket, which is the worst of the set’s clipping problems (but thankfully something a style change can avoid).

Of particular note for the collections of glamour enthusiasts are the Fingerless Gloves, which give Monk and Samurai access to another pair of long gloves. This pair has only minimal adornments and is mostly black with only a bit of blue and grey, making them an ideal option for glamours in need of longer gloves (which are, as ever, somewhat rare in FFXIV). The Sarouel are also a bit different from the norm for other Sarouel, with open slits on the sides that might be perfect to compliment a lighter, more flowing glamour. Mileage for the other pieces will probably vary based on how much you need the canine motifs in your look, but they are some of the best examples of animal motif gear we’ve seen in the game so far!

2 thoughts on “Gear Set Gallery: Warg Garb of Striking

  1. I love those trousers for this set, and I’m trying to incorporate them into a glamour, but so far nothing quite works, I’ll be interested in see folks glamours with those.


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