Mog Station Review: Alma’s Attire

In a surprise maintenance the night of Thanksgiving in the United States, the Mog Station received an update both to activate a sale on level boost potions and add a new glamour set: Alma’s Attire, which is what the FFXIV version of the Ivalice character wore in Stormblood‘s Return to Ivalice Alliance Raid series. Though this is something of a curious and unexpected choice (with it being decently far into Shadowbringers now and with at least one major NPC outfit—Lyse’s current attire—from last expansion having yet to see the light of day for players), more options are always welcome!

Alma’s Attire is purchasable only as a set, for $12 USD, and includes three pieces: a Majestic Dress, Majestic Wristdresses, and a pair of Majestic Boots. Each of these items is non-dyeable, as is generally standard for NPC outfits from the Mog Station, and each one is also gender-locked for females only. The items have no associated set bonuses or other stats, like other NPC sets, and all of the items are level 1, which is to be expected for Mog Station sets by now.

As the pictures of the set will attest, the set does have some unfortunate clipping issues, however. As is often the case for dresses like this one, longer hairstyles can clip through the back between the shoulders, and character hands can clip through the actual gown, too. Both of these are generally avoidable with changes in style or character pose, as usual. Au ra and miqo’te characters will have tail clipping issues because of the cape on the body piece, as well (with just the end clipping through in my case).

Outside of the clipping issues, the body piece is somewhat unique, being more suited for travel than other dresses of its type. The boots are similar, being a little heavier than normal for smaller boots like them in FFXIV, though they are close enough in style to something like the Falconer’s Boots (which are dyeable, unlike the Majestic ones) that you can probably find suitable substitutes. The Wristdresses are unfortunately a re-used model, available as the Loyal Housemaid’s Wristdresses from the Loyal Housemaid’s Uniform set on the Mog Station (or previously as part of the original Housemaid’s Uniform from an Amazon promotion a few years ago). If you already have one of those two sets, this one won’t be quite as useful for you!

Thankfully, with Alma’s Attire being non-dyeable and including a re-used model, it’s on the lower end of the Mog Station’s pricing tiers, coming in at $12 instead of the $18 price point common to a number of sets on the cash shop. Even at that lower price, however, the value on this set is still questionable, since only two unique items are included (which is a real bummer when compared to something like the Scion Liberator’s Attire, which includes four unique items at the same price point). The main draw for this set will be the Majestic Dress, but the $12 for a single, clip-heavy item might be a hard sell!

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