Glamour Spotlight: Monk #13

Though initially I wasn’t very keen on the YorHA sets from The Copied Factory, due to the differing gender morphs and how similar many of the pieces seemed at first glance, I’ve started to come around on them ever since finalizing my YorHA Ninja glamour a little bit ago. There are a lot of subtle variations with many of the pieces that I really appreciate, including things like small insignia that really sell the whole range of gear as actual uniforms for varying combat roles within the organization. While I’m still not especially fond of the Fending and Healing sets, I’ve grown to like the other sets much more than I did initially.

In particular, once I got a better look at them and realized that the Scouting and Striking sets were more differentiated than I thought to begin with, I resolved to make the Striking body my next acquisition from the raid. It took a couple of weeks (because after all the work I did to get the Scouting leg piece, I wasn’t going to farm that hard again) to pick it up, but I managed to get the drop with only three total runs, having much better luck than I did for my last target piece. That meant it was glamour time, which I had already plotted out ahead of time, with much of the work done in the process of sorting out the Ninja glamour above.

Glamour Components (Requirements: MNK 80, Female)
Weapon: Tarnished Makai Fists / Makai Fists
Head: Reading Glasses
Body: YorHA Type-51 Jacket of Striking
Hands: (Tarnished Makai Fists / Makai Fists)
Legs: No.2 Type B Leggings (Jet Black)
Feet: No.2 Type B Boots (Jet Black)

There isn’t a ton to say about the glamour I went with specifically, since it’s largely the same as my Ninja one, with the Striking body instead of the Scouting one, but I think the Striking is body is worth highlighting nonetheless. What I hadn’t noticed between the two bodies before was that they have different shapes around neck, shoulders, and back, making them quite distinct from one another on closer inspection. (Instead of the usual shared models between them, Scouting shares its design with the upper body of the Casting gown, and Striking with the Aiming dress, on female characters at least.)

Unlike the Scouting body, the Striking Jacket looks sleeker, since it has overall more black (and lacks the Scouting body’s strangely placed brown elements), and its high-buttoned collar works well for a sort of professional assassin look (which suggests to me that they should probably be switched between the roles, but this is a long-running quirk between the two armor types in FFXIV). Since acquiring it, I’ve come to vastly prefer the Striking body to the Scouting one, and it’s become my default idling gear for the look, even when I’ll probably not seriously touch Monk or Samurai for the rest of Shadowbringers since Ninja is in such a great place in terms of gameplay now.

Going with Monk also gets around the one issue I had with the Ninja glamour, that being the way waist-worn weapons look on the hips with the sort of sheer/leotard style. Normally I rather dislike toggling off weapons outside of casual/roleplaying situations, so it’s generally bugged me that I can’t find a good pair of daggers to wear with the Ninja one. Monk, though, gets a handful of unique weapons that simply function as hand gear in terms of visuals, with the Makai Fists giving some nice fire elemental flair to a look that’s otherwise lacking in color.

With the Makai Fists being unobtainable now, something like the Pagos Field Dressing (or any number of small hand-wraps) combined with The Emperor’s New Fists would achieve a similar look, too. The hand-wraps are also necessary to make the look work for Samurai, of course (which I got to 80 not long after picking up the glamour body). Most katana that I’ve experimented with have the same issue that Ninja’s weapons do with the overall glamour, though, so I’ve not found a truly satisfying look for the other Striking class yet.

With this one now done, I think I’m about done with NieR-inspired glamours for now. I have one more potential look in mind for Ninja, but it will likely take me a couple weeks to get that, since I need one more drop from The Copied Factory to make it work, and I plan to take the rest of my Alliance raiding pretty casually until the next chapter in 5.3. If that glamour works out like I hope it will, it might actually end up being what I use for 5.2’s Main Scenario, but I need to get the necessary drop, first! It should go without saying, though, that 2B’s boots probably aren’t going anywhere for a long time even if I move away from the rest of the NieR items for a bit.

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  1. Hello I would like to know your skin color of your miqo’te because I can’t practically find yours for my moon miqote thanks


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