Gear Set Gallery: Warg Garb of Scouting

It’s taken a little while, but I’ve finally rounded up another full set of the Patch 5.1 Warg gear from The Grand Cosmos. Next up is the Warg Scouting set, which shares models with the Striking set from the same dungeon. As with the other sets, this one is heavily canine-themed, complete with ornamental claws on the gloves and shoes, a huge bushy tail, and an intimidating jackal mask. Whether you get a lot of mileage out of the set will depend on your tolerance for the canine elements, but there are some good pieces here if that works for you.

Set Pieces (Requirements: NIN 80)
Head: Warg Pelt of Scouting
Body: Warg Jacket of Scouting
Hands: Warg Fingerless Gloves of Scouting
Legs: Warg Sarouel of Scouting
Feet: Warg Shoes of Scouting

Following the normal pattern for dungeons at the level cap, this set is non-dyeable and includes no associated weapon. Despite its inability to be dyed, the Warg Scouting gear does have a workable enough base color scheme, mostly a mix of green and black with a bit of brown here and there—an array that should work well with a decent number of Scouting pieces from FFXIV‘s past. The sets metal accents are in a relatively neutral silver, as well, serving to make the whole thing generally fairly flexible (at least in terms of colors).

As with other Warg sets that feature the large tail, though, this one’s canine-motif can be a bit limiting when looking to combine the set with others. Outside of the body piece, most of these elements are more complimentary than central, though, making items like the gloves and pants interesting and potentially useful glamour options for the future. When compared with the Striking set, this one is nearly identical outside of colors, save for a slight change to the mask of the pelt—a metal “eyepatch” that creates neat the illusion of one lost canine eye.

Clipping issues are mostly minimal for the set, with the only one of note being the potential for longer hair styles to clip through the pelts that hang around the shoulders of the jacket. The body obscures any character tails, and the pelt obscures the hair style (though there is some minor clipping between some hair styles with bangs and the mask there). All in all, that rounds out a fairly solid glamour set. While the color scheme of the Striking set is more likely to stand out, it’s always welcome to see Scouting sets take on a more subtle palette while not looking entirely drab, and this one manages that quite well.

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