Gear Set Gallery: Warg Garb of Maiming

I’ve been sitting with most of the sets from 5.1’s new dungeon at 4 of 5 pieces for several weeks now, which has greatly delayed my wrap-up of the gear set galleries for the new patch. After I put up the last gallery, though, I had some fortunate luck on my next run, picking up the items I needed to complete two sets. Thanks to that luck, I can bring you the gallery for the Maiming gear from The Grand Cosmos, which takes the wolf aesthetic far more literally than other sets found in the dungeon.

Set Pieces (Requirements: DRG 80)
Head: Warg Pelt of Maiming
Body: Warg Jacket of Maiming
Hands: Warg Gauntlets of Maiming
Legs: Warg Breeches of Maiming
Feet: Warg Greaves of Maiming

As you might expect for one of the armor classes in FFXIV that so often shares models with tanking gear, the Warg Maiming set is noticeably heavier than the other Grand Cosmos sets. In terms of canine or wolf-like elements, this one is also far less subtle. Instead of a symbolic mask, the Warg Pelt of Maiming features a literal wolf pelt, and like the melee sets, this one also features a large (though tied-down) canine tail on the body piece. Just like the other sets, these strong thematic elements give the set as a whole only niche potential for glamour use.

Compared to the other sets in the Warg cycle, this one also favors more muted colors, with earthy tones only slightly accented by the hints of purple that are common to Maiming gear. Those hints of purple should help with mixing and matching the various pieces with other Maiming and Dragoon-specific gear, but more vibrant colors than what this set provides (like those of the Warg Striking set, for instance) are often more welcome, especially for a non-dyeable set like this one. I imagine the set’s more muted tones will find the best use in concert with other “tribal” gear (like Heavensward‘s Woad pieces, for instance).

When it comes to clipping issues, you’ve mostly got the usual suspects here. The set’s heavy coat is just bulky enough to create potential for hand clipping and some trouble with hair clipping for longer styles. Unlike some of the Pelts from the other Warg sets, this one has more potential for hair clipping as well (mostly with longer styles that aren’t constrained by headgear). Thankfully, the body piece’s included tail overwrites character model tails, which prevents any tail clipping the set might otherwise struggle with.

For general use, my most recommended pieces for collecting from this set are the gloves (which are a fine enough pair of metal gauntlets) and the breeches (which are a rare example of pants in FFXIV that aren’t shaped strangely). Outside of these, the rest of the pieces are likely to have only niche use given how specific the thematic elements are, but I should make special mention of the visor option for the Warg Pelt of Maiming, which offers the choice between a blindfold or an open face, which is quite unique for a piece of its type.

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